Namibia vs South Africa

rsa winelands The Cape wine lands, South Africa

In terms of city culture, landscapes, flora and fauna, South Africa has a lot more diversity than Namibia. South Africa also has excellent game parks where Big Five viewing is easy, as well as forests and mountains, a beautiful coastline with superb beaches and culturally rich cities home to award-winning restaurants, fantastic shopping, art and museums and nightlife. Lots of travellers choose South Africa for the ease of combining a safari with beach time and food and culture in cities.

camping namibia Camping in Namibia

Namibia can’t compete in terms of beaches or cities but what it does have that South Africa doesn’t is dramatic desert scenery, vast space, extremely wild rugged landscapes and a lot more chance to get far off the beaten track and escape the crowds. Having a real off-grid adventure in Namibia is also easier than in South Africa, with Namibia’s huge choice of 4x4 routes that take you into the country’s remotest corners. In the busy season, the popular hotspots in South Africa can be incredibly busy, while in Namibia even during the peak months the only place where you’ll see a lot of other travellers is Etosha.