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Wildebeest crossing at Kaburu Crossing point in the Masai Mara

The Kaburu Crossing point is known to be one of the toughest section for the wildebeest to cross due to the congestion of animals that accumulates (on both sides) and many of them fall back down the slopes and into the river where there is a high number crocodile lurking.

The slopes are also quite rocky and offer no support - trapping their legs and causing serious (and often fatal) injuries. Once the herds cross the river, the final obstacle at Kaburu is the number of lions laying low, ready to ambush them as they try to regain their strength on the other side. The wildebeest are so exhausted and startled from the chaos of the crossing that they make for an easy catch and it is not uncommon to witness multiple kills taking place here. 

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Elenina witnessed the great wildebeest migration between the Serengeti and Masai Mara during her morning game drive.

The smaller group heads directly north from the central Serengeti into the northern plains and from there into the Masai Mara, avoiding the river crossings.

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When a giraffe decides to join in as the look out! Just below the Serengeti North Camp

Between June and November, the North camp is in the Lamai Wedge of the northern region where teeming herds are forced to cross the Mara River and face the prospect of enormous crocodiles that lie in wait for them. The camp lies only a kilometre (less than a mile) from the Mara just above Crossing Point 4, making a great place to see the action. Fly-camping is also possible at the North camp - a unique experience that brings you even closer to the secrets of the bush.

Perfect for safari and wildlife enthusiasts looking for an authentic, relatively uncrowded and intimate Serengeti experience, Serian’s Serengeti camps can be privately booked by friends or families travelling together for the ultimate African getaway.

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Safari guide Michael Wachira captured the great migration arriving the Mara Triangle from the Ngioare border point. 

The Mara Triangle is the area where the Great Migration enters and exit the Masai Mara National Reserve from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, making it a prime section for viewing this amazing wildlife spectacle unfold. Crossings of the Mara River make for some of the most dramatic scenes of the migration, so staying in the Mara Triangle will give you front-row seats to the show.

There’s a launch site for hot air ballooning in the Mara Triangle! Flying high above the plains of the Mara as the sun turns the landscapes golden and being able to do wildlife spotting from the air is an experience you’ll never forget.

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The great migration have crossed the Mara River into the Lamai Wedge. Lamai is a triangular-shaped watershed area just north of the Mara River!

Lamai's freshwater and verdant grasslands serve as a critical refuge for the wildebeest and zebra during the dry season. In fact, the majority of the migration usually resides here from July until November. It's one of East Africa's best secrets that during the dry season, the secluded Lamai Triangle holds more of the migration then the more heavily touristy Masai Mara game reserve just to the north in Kenya.

The area has beautiful vast open plains, dotted with desert date trees, good shade during the day for any predators in the area.

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August is one of the very best time to be in the Serengeti

A large number of the wildebeest was spotted at Crossing point number 9 heading towards the greener grass of the Masai Mara

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Mega Mara River Crossings Begin!

Safari guide Micheal Thomas witnessed a huge crossing at Crossing point number 9 from the Kogatende to the Lamai Wedge. 

Lamai Wedge is one of the most beautiful areas in the Northern Serengeti, this area is found in-between the Masaai Mara over the Kenyan border and the Mara River.

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06 Aug 2019 from Robyn

August is your best month to see the dramatic Mara River crossings in the Serengeti or Masai Mara!

The herds in August are up in the north, crossing the Mara River between Kogatende and the Lamai Wedge. This is the peak time to see the river crossings because even if the wildebeest are late, they will have reached the Kogatende area by this time.

You would be very unlucky for the wildebeest not to be surrounding the Mara River if you decide to go in August. On the flip side, you would also be lucky to see a crossing, as not everyone does - no matter how many hours are spent waiting with a herd by the river banks, they may simply not decide to cross over for hours!

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This morning safari guide Nathan Losaru Mollel captured a big herd crossing the crocodile-infested Mara River in the Northern Serengeti. Only one wildebeest was lost to a crocodile, a small price for the survival of thousands of other wildebeest. 

With limited accommodation, make sure you book your front-row seat today...

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The wildebeest fight for survival against crocodiles. Many drown trying to get to greener grass of the Masai Mara. Serian camp guests captured a beautiful Mara River crossing in the Northern Serengeti

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KasKaz Mara Camp invites you to experience Africa’s great Serengeti and its incredible wildlife on a tented safari near the game-rich Mara River

In addition to game drives, nature walks at KasKaz allow you to appreciate the beauty of smaller wildlife or the thrill of tracking big game on foot, and hot-air balloon rides are an extraordinary way of viewing the great plains of East Africa. 

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Safari guide Nathan Losaru Mollel witnessed the migration queuing for water along the Kenyangaga Valley in the Western side of Lamai Wedge ready to quench their thirst. 

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Governor's Camp guests witnessed a crossing right in front of the camp. 

The camp's setting is magical! So much so that almost a century ago it was reserved, exclusively, for Kenya’s colonial Governors. Governors’ Camp nestles in the forest along the winding banks of the Mara River, it's watered teeming with bird-life, hippo and crocodile, in the heart of Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve.


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