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This video shot by
Ranger Safaris
in The Mara Triangle
one week ago

Latest Updates From The Migration

“The herds are now gathering near the Mara River ready for the annual river crossings. They can be seen from Bologonja all the way to Kicwa Tembo and along the Mara River. These annual crossings are quite challenging as some of them will not make it to the other side of the Masai Mara in Kenya. Numerous Crocodiles are lurking in wait mode, but the herds remain determined to cross the mara waters following the rain and looking for greener better pastures.”

Our trustworthy contributor Ranger Safaris, let us know that the Wildebeest Migration is continuing all along the Mara River. They started crossing from crossing number one up to crossing number eight yesterday. Video credits: Guide Mkenda from Northern Serengeti Kogatende.

These stunning images were taken yesterday around 9 am at the Mara river crossing. The location of the herds is just north of the Kenya/Tanzania border.

According to our Instagram contributor @megodoyle , around 1000 wildebeest were spotted crossing the river with no casualties seen. 

Thanks for the contribution Meghan!


Our Instagram contributor, Tyron Walsh, says that this particular herd moved from crossing 8 and crossed around crossing no 7 on the 19th of July.

According to Tyron, witnessing this great migration movement was a dream come true.


"The wildebeest migration is with us and our guests have witnessed some truly impressive crossings over the Mara River, since about the 19th of July.
These images (taken by Little Governors' Camp guide Moses Manduku), are of a crossing taking place at the Lookout area. The herds were heading from the Reserve into the Mara Triangle; due to high grass levels in both parts, their movement was slow even after crossing"

Kaskaz Mara Camp - Some great action spotted today between Makutano and No 7, on the Mara River in far northern Serengeti 

On Friday, Instagram users kay and john went to take a look at Sand River and found some zebras and wildebeests chilling in the Masai Mara.

They found thousands waiting along the river; though none crossing just yet.

Between 2nm and 8nm South of kogatende airstrip. The herds are all heading north now. Several mara river crossings have already been reported.

Our amazing contributing partner Into Wild Africa sent us this footage. The herds seem to be enjoying all the rains splendour in Kokatende!

This stunning photo was taken in Lobo on Sunday by our contributing partner Coastal Aviation!
Have you seen the herds? We would love to know your story! ����
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RS guide Daniel Nyamoga on safari reports - The major wildebeest herds are now heading to the western corridor of the Serengeti National Park. The herds are scattered across central-western and going North. 
Herds are  currently been spotted around these areas in the western corridor at Mareu, Bela bela and near Nyasirori plains , where the Grumeti River

The herds were seen from our pilots hanging around the Seronera Airstrip, near One Nature camp migrating to the north!

A Herdtracker contributor sent us some beautiful pictures of the herds migrating through western Serengeti.


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