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in The Mara Triangle
3 months ago

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"It was such a dream come true to see the crossing." We received this magnificent footage from one of our reliable contributors on the 23rd of November 2021. This video was taken at river crossing 5 in Kenya.

Our Instagram contributor @TwiztedMyrtle saw one crossing on Thursday the 7th of October and 2 Crossings the day before. Oct 6 first crossing was at #3 around 8:12am. 2nd crossing (which was the big one) was at #4 around 10:13am. All crossings happended at Mara River Lamai Wedge.

Northern Serengeti Kogatende Wildebeest Migration River crossing at crossing number one and zero Video credit: Mkenda Taken on his recent safari adventures with guests.

This amazing video was taken on Thursday by Instagram user Rob the Ranger. The location of the video was at a U-Bend crossing on the Mara River near the Lookout.

Wow! What amazing footage. This was taken yesterday in the Mara River crossing from crossing number 2 by our contributor ranger safaris. “What a thrilling site to see the herds moving and crossing the river!”
Video credits: Ranger Safari guide Ndossy.

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These glorious river crossings were spotted on the 14th of September in the Serengeti by our contributor Africa Experience.

Our Instagram contributor @MaasaiWanderings took this action shot in the Serengeti National Park. Here you can see crocodiles enjoying the feast that comes with the Great Wildebeest Crossings. (photo by @moodieshots)

These amazing images were taken at Bateleur Camp by our Instagram contributor @Miroda Otto. 

The crossing, dangerous for the wildebeest, was a feast for the crocodiles. Life unfolding in front of our eyes." Our Instagram contributor @lpiecho sent us this update. 
This photo was taken on the 6th of September 2021 at the Trans Mara area close to Mara Serena Lodge.

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​According to our contributor, Africa Experience, on the Tanzanian side, one can see the majority of the herds are on their way to the Mara river through Kichwa Tembo Road.

These photos were taken on the 30th of August 2021 and Reported by Ranger Safaris Guide Mkenda 
“We enjoy seeing wildebeest crossing the Mara River twice after waiting for an hour, it was great and mesmerizing to watch and then seeing the giraffes and elephants around the Mara River was awesome."

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On the 26th of August 2021, our reliable contributor Africa Experience sent us this lovely footage. These Wildebeest were seen close to the lookout point on the way to Ashnil Mara.

This stunning video was taken by @africanadventurespecialists on Monday the 23 of August at the mara river crossing.


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