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Luxury Safari Experiences

Find top safari experiences with Discover Africa

All the different experiences you can do with Discover Africa

When envisioning a safari experience in Africa, what images spring to mind? Perhaps a thrilling adventure steeped in romance and mystery, or a vibrant photographic safari teeming with wildlife. The vast African continent offers a huge variety of safari experiences, each unique and unforgettable. At Discover Africa, we’re committed to turning your safari dreams into reality. Here’s a glimpse of the diverse African experiences we offer:

Family-Friendly Safaris

Embark on an unforgettable family safari that caters to the curiosity and energy levels of children. These safaris are designed to engage young minds, keeping boredom and fatigue at bay. It’s a remarkable opportunity for families to learn about nature and the importance of conservation together.

Wildebeest Migration Adventure

Experience the raw power of nature during our Wildebeest Migration Adventure. Witness the drama as vast herds navigate treacherous river crossings, evading the jaws of lurking crocodiles. The thunderous sound of hooves across the plains is a spectacle that etches itself into memory.

Beach Holiday Getaways

Not all African adventures are confined to the savannas. The continent also boasts stunning beaches. Whether you’re seeking an exhilarating fishing trip or simply yearn to relax on golden sands beside azure waters, our African beach getaways cater to every desire.

Romantic Honeymoon Safaris

Imagine awakening with your beloved to a Serengeti sunrise, surrounded by the melody of birdsong. Our romantic honeymoon safaris provide an intimate escape, offering newlyweds a chance to connect deeply in breathtaking settings.

Birding and Photography Tours

Join our expert-guided birding and photography tours, designed for both amateur and seasoned photographers. Our photography camps are fully equipped, ensuring your camera is always primed for that perfect wildlife shot.

Walking and Horseback Safaris

For an up-close and personal wildlife experience, our walking and horseback safaris offer unparalleled perspectives. Horseback safaris are particularly unique, as horses help to mask human scent, allowing for more natural wildlife observations.

Gorilla Trekking Expeditions

Embark on an eco-friendly gorilla trekking expedition and meet the majestic giants of the forest. These critically endangered apes are not only mesmerizing to observe but trekking contributes to their vital conservation efforts.

Big Five Wildlife Encounters

Experience the thrill of spotting the Big Five – lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos, and elephants – under the guidance of experienced safari guides. These encounters promise an array of wildlife sightings, leaving you with lasting memories.

Mobile Camping Adventures

For the ultimate wilderness immersion, our mobile camping adventures combine luxury and adventure. Sleep under the stars in elegant tents, surrounded by the serene sounds of the African bush and nocturnal wildlife.

At Discover Africa, the possibilities for your safari adventure are limitless. What does your dream safari look like? Contact us today to plan your ideal African experience, and read testimonials from hundreds of satisfied adventurers who have journeyed with us.

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