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Masai Mara Safari

The ultimate guide to your next Masai Mara Safari

Get to Know Masai Mara

A first-rate Masai Mara safari experience brings together abundant big cat sightings with the chance to see the annual wildebeest migration.

The Masai Mara Reserve is known worldwide for its abundance of cats, portrayed by numerous wildlife documentaries.

The profusion of cats and the annual Great Migration that enters the reserve from July to October makes for concentrated wildlife interaction.

Places like the Musiara Swamp, Rhino Ridge, and Topi Plains are some of the most famous locations. The best places for migration safaris are the banks of the Mara or Talek rivers or the confluence of the two.

Combine your visit to the reserve with a stop at the neighboring private conservancies, where numbers are more controlled and walking safaris, night drives, and off-road driving are allowed.

A Masai Mara safari can be a wonderful experience but disappointing if not well-planned.

Many lodges bring hordes of visitors into the reserve during peak season, from July to the end of September, so get an expert to book somewhere that suits your taste.

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FAQs about Maasai Mara

  • Safari lodges have guest rooms similar to a hotel with en-suite bathrooms. They are comfortably furnished with facilities normally associated with a hotel rooms, except your rooms are normally set in beautiful wilderness settings, with nature and wildlife around.
  • Tented lodges have rooms which are tents on a platform and with a roof and also have en-suite facilities with showers, flush toilets and hot water. Basically all the amenities of a hotel room, except canvas walls and roof.
  • The boutique lodges and camps can be very stylish and smart in terms of design and decor, often with very spacious rooms and even going so far in some cases as having plunge pools for each room.
  • Eco-camps and smaller tented camps have insect-proof tents with en-suite facilities including a safari shower and flush toilet.  They give a more authentic safari experience but the tents are comfortably furnished with proper beds and you don’t need to bring your own sleeping bag! The emphasis is usually on having excellent guides and great wildlife viewing away from the crowds. Guests often eat together and people travelling alone usually say that they found the atmosphere friendly and enjoyed meeting other like-minded travellers around the campfire in the evening or at dinner.
  • The Adventure Camps are a budget option with guests bringing their own sleeping bags and towels. Accommodation is in small dome tented with a mattress on the floor. Each tent has its own nearby cubicle with a flush toilet, safari shower, and wash basin. The Adventure Camps are suitable only for those who don’t mind “real camping” and can put with some degree of “roughing it”. Apart from the accommodation in simple dome tents, the meals and the guiding are the same standards as the higher quality camps and game drives are in 4x4 safari vehicles. For those on a limited budget, the Adventure Camps are a good alternative to the big tourist lodges and minibus tours for those for whom the safari experience is more important than hotel accommodation.
  • If the weather causes unforeseen problems on the day of your hot air balloon safari, we will try to move it to another day or you will be refunded.
  • The Masai Mara is an excellent all year safari destination, providing travellers with reliable sightings of it's resident wildlife. However, if you're planning a migration safari, it's best to travel during the months of August and October if you wish to witness the Mara River crossings.
  • Kenya has a world of variety when it comes to tented accommodation camps, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another realm in the bush as your every desire comes try.
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