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Curious about the cost of an African safari holiday? Use our Safari Cost Estimator to calculate what kind of safari experience you can enjoy within your budget. The Safari Cost Estimator's price calculation is based on the most common factors that make up the total cost of an African safari.

Type of safari:

Self-drive: Hire your own vehicle and drive it to your accommodation.

Group: Join other people on safari and share the transport costs.

Private: Exclusive guided safari with greater flexibility and unlimited safari vehicle use.

Level of accommodation:

3 Star: Comfortable accommodation with basic services and facilities.

4 Star: First class accommodation with extra services and facilities.

5 Star: Luxury accommodation with all services and facilities.

Number of people


A single traveller will pay more than a person who is sharing with someone.

Length of trip


The duration of your African safari.

Number of countries to visit


The higher the number of countries, the higher the regional flight expenses are.


Seasons are based on the busiest time to go, not the best time to go.

Portion of safari spent in cities or at beach locations

The safari segment is more expensive than any other portion of a holiday.

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Estimated Safari Cost


This is the biggest portion of your African safari cost. Adjustments made here will have the biggest effect on your final price estimate.

Regional flights help you save a lot of travel time between destinations.

This is calculated per vehicle and covers game drive and sightseeing costs. The more people in the vehicle, the more affordable the African safari transport.

Paid to national parks and game reserves upon entry to aid maintenance and conservation efforts.

Insurance covering possible medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred.

Transport to and from the airport.

Travel visas and vaccinations.

Food is not included in the accommodation price.

At Discover Africa, we strive to build the best possible safari for you – within your budget. Here we describe the main factors that affect the price of your safari. We also explain how pricing on our website works.

We'll work with you to create a journey that makes the most of your time and money. As a rule, we prefer to include as many of the costs up front so that there are no unpleasant surprises once you're on safari.

There are four main factors that will make a big difference to the price of your safari:

Website pricing explained

  • Journey prices exclude international flights, but do include all local flights, transports and transfers.
  • pps = per person sharing.
  • Rates displayed are for adults. Child rates vary from lodge to lodge. Some offer reduced rates or family rooms. Talk to our experts and we'll recommend the best for your family.
  • If you are a group of six or more, we can negotiate better room rates for your group. We'll always do what we can to bring your rate down.

1 Your accommodation

Accommodation usually makes up the bulk of your safari's cost, so where you stay has the biggest impact on your budget. Options range widely, from a few hundred dollars to over $1500 a night per person. 

We know which hotels and lodges offer the best value for money and these are the ones we'll recommend. Remember to pay attention to what's included and excluded. A lodge with all-inclusive rates may seem more expensive, but a lower-priced lodge may charge exorbitant rates for your gin & tonic, laundry, internet or other extras.

Find out more about the six criteria we use to rate our recommended properties.

2Your travel dates and time

We can advise you on how to benefit from low season rates.

Every destination has busy peak season rates, which can be as much as double the low season rates. Sometimes there are also shoulder seasons, priced between the two. If your travel dates are flexible, we can advise you on how to benefit from shoulder and low season rates. It's important to be aware that the prices shown on our website – and on other travel sites – are based on low season rates. So if the price you're quoted is higher than the prices you see online, it's because you're probably requesting travel dates that fall outside of low season.

Obviously, the time you spend on safari also has an impact. Reducing the length of your safari will certainly reduce what it costs!

3Your destinations

Island and beach destinations are often less expensive than national parks.

Each destination and country you add to your itinerary increases the price of your safari because of the transport involved as well as possible visa costs. However, it is still more cost effective to do one proper safari and see everything, rather than three smaller ones.

Island and beach destinations are often less expensive than national parks as there are no entry or park fees involved, and accommodation is also usually more economical. For example, if we were to book you six days on safari and six days in Zanzibar, it would be less expensive than 12 days on safari.

Another option would be to include visits to some of the lesser-known parks and reserves, which are more affordable and often just as good. Popular destinations such as the Serengeti, Masai Mara, the Okavango Delta and gorilla sanctuaries come at a significant premium.

4Your group size

Game packages, where you fly from camp to camp and join the lodge vehicles for game drives, often seem more affordable because you are sharing vehicle costs with other guests. However, the flights between the camps can negate the savings.

Depending on your group size, it can be cheaper to hire your own vehicle (with an optional driver/guide) and drive from camp to camp. Your driver, vehicle and fuel costs remain consistent and can be divided by the number of people in your group. This could save you up to $1000 per person over a week. Once again, these are the kinds of things we can help with.

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