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Zanzibar Vacation

The ultimate guide to your next Zanzibar Vacation

Get to Know Zanzibar

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By Vihann Van Wyk

Safari Travel Planner

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Zanzibar is an idyllic island paradise off the coast of Tanzania, loved for its pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant marine life. Whether you are looking to relax on powdery white sands, explore historical sites, or dive into the clear turquoise waters, a Zanzibar safari promises an unforgettable experience. Discover Africa offers a range of Zanzibar safaris that cater to all kinds of travellers, ensuring a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

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Why Visit Zanzibar?

Wildlife and Marine Encounters:

Diverse Marine Life: Zanzibar’s coral reefs are teeming with vibrant marine life, including dolphins, sea turtles, and an array of colorful fish. Mnemba Atoll and Chumbe Island are popular spots for snorkeling and diving.
Jozani Forest: Home to the rare red colobus monkeys, Jozani Forest offers a unique opportunity to see these primates in their natural habitat. The forest is also rich in birdlife and other flora and fauna.

Scenic Beauty:

Pristine Beaches: Zanzibar’s beaches, such as Nungwi, Kendwa, and Paje, are among the most beautiful in the world, with powdery white sands and clear turquoise waters. Each beach offers a different vibe, from lively party scenes to serene relaxation spots.
Spice Plantations: Known as the Spice Island, Zanzibar’s spice plantations are a must-visit. Take a tour to learn about the cultivation and processing of spices such as cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and enjoy the aromatic scents and tastes.

Cultural Richness:

Stone Town: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stone Town is the cultural heart of Zanzibar. Its winding alleys are filled with historical buildings, bustling markets, and vibrant cafes. Key attractions include the House of Wonders, the Sultan’s Palace, and the Old Fort.
Historical Tours: Explore Zanzibar’s complex history and cultural heritage with guided tours of Stone Town, spice plantations, and the old slave market – where you can find everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. The Darajani Market is particularly popular and offers a glimpse into the daily life of the Zanzibari people.

Luxury and Comfort:

Exclusive Resorts and Lodges: Zanzibar offers a range of luxurious accommodation options, from beachfront resorts to secluded boutique lodges. These establishments provide exceptional comfort, service, and often feature private beaches, infinity pools, and gourmet dining.
Gourmet Cuisine: Enjoy the island’s culinary delights, which are a fusion of African, Arabic, Indian, and European influences. Fresh seafood is a highlight, with dishes like grilled lobster, octopus curry, and fish kebabs being local favorites.

Adventure and Activities:

Water Sports: Zanzibar is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, and sailing. The warm Indian Ocean waters and reliable trade winds make it an ideal location for these activities.
Hiking Tours: Zanzibar also offers a variety of hiking experiences. From Jozani Forest Reserve. the island’s only national park and home to the endemic Red Colobus Monkey, to Masingini Forest located close to Stone Town.

Accessibility and Infrastructure:

Well-Developed Tourism Infrastructure: Zanzibar is well-equipped to handle tourists, with a range of accommodations, restaurants, and services catering to different budgets and preferences. The island is easily accessible via flights from major cities in Africa and Europe.
Tourism Services: Benefit from a wide range of tourism services, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Local guides, transportation services, and organized tours make exploring the island hassle-free.

Responsible Tourism:

Conservation Efforts: Your visit supports vital conservation initiatives aimed at protecting Zanzibar’s delicate marine ecosystems and terrestrial wildlife. Many resorts and tour operators engage in sustainable practices to minimize their environmental impact.
Community Support: Engage in responsible tourism practices that benefit local communities, fostering sustainable development. Purchasing local crafts, participating in community tours, and staying at locally-owned accommodations contribute positively to the local economy.

Zanzibar offers an extraordinary blend of wildlife, luxury, adventure, and culture. From exploring the historic alleys of Stone Town to relaxing on the pristine beaches, including Zanzibar in your safari itinerary is a transformative experience that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Where to go in Zanzibar

The tropical island of Zanzibar has several regions, each offering unique experiences and attractions. Here’s a detailed guide to the key areas within Zanzibar and what makes them special.

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When is the best month to travel to Zanzibar?

Choosing the best time to visit Zanzibar can significantly enhance your experience. Here’s a guide to help you decide when to go based on weather patterns, events, and overall conditions.


Looking for Something Unique?

Zanzibar offers a variety of unique experiences that go beyond the traditional beach holiday. From cultural interactions with local communities to thrilling water sports, there’s something for everyone.

Zanzibar Safari Reviews

Hear from our guests who have experienced the wonders of Zanzibar. Their stories of exceptional trip planning, life-changing adventures, and memorable experiences reflect the magic of our island getaways and the unmatched beauty of Zanzibar.

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Zanzibar caters to all travel styles, offering a range of accommodation and transport options to suit your preferences. From luxurious beach resorts and boutique hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses and self-catering villas, you’ll find the perfect place to stay. Travel at your own pace with private transfers, guided tours, or self-drive options, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience throughout your journey.

Holiday Styles and Options in Zanzibar

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, Zanzibar offers a variety of holiday styles to choose from. Enjoy serene beach getaways, vibrant cultural explorations, romantic honeymoons, or tranquil countryside retreats. Customize your trip to include activities like snorkeling, spice tours, historical walks, and dolphin watching, ensuring a diverse and enriching travel experience tailored to your interests.

Who is Travelling to Zanzibar with you?

Planning your Zanzibar adventure? Tailor your journey with experiences designed for every type of traveler. Whether you’re exploring with a loved one, embarking on a family adventure, discovering solo, celebrating a honeymoon, or enjoying a trip with friends, Zanzibar offers unique and unforgettable experiences for all. Select your travel type to find the perfect itinerary and make the most of your island holiday.

What You Need To Know

Planning a trip to Zanzibar involves considering several important factors to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. From understanding visa requirements and health precautions to knowing the best times to visit and local customs, having the right information will help you make the most of your journey. Discover Africa provides essential tips and insights to help you prepare for an unforgettable adventure in this exotic and beautiful island destination.