Best time to go to Namibia

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Namibia generally has a dry climate and you can visit the country year-round. However, deciding on the ideal month to travel to Namibia really depends on which regions and attractions you will be travelling to and what your interests are. For example, the dry months are best for wildlife viewing in places such as Etosha National Park, whereas the rainy summer months are best for birdwatching.

In general, the dry winter season from May to September is the most popular time for travellers to visit Namibia: malaria risk is lowest, day time temperatures aren’t too hot (though nights between June and August in the desert are very cold), and in parks such as Etosha the combination of sparse foliage and the lack of rain forcing animals to congregate around waterholes makes wildlife spotting particularly easy.

November to March are the hottest months in Namibia and temperatures in some regions can reach above 50 C (122 F) during the day. These months are also the rainy season, although many areas in Namibia receive little or no rain at all. During the wetter months, some tracks in the north eastern part of the country can become unsurpassable. These are the hardest months for spotting wildlife in parks such as Etosha and also carry the highest risk of malaria.


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