Travel insurance for Zambia

Comprehensive medical insurance is essential for holidays to Zambia. It should include cover for emergency evacuation and private hospitalisation within Zambia, transfers for specialist treatment in neighbouring countries and, ultimately, repatriation. Make sure you’re covered for safari activities and close wildlife encounters, and any other adventure activities you plan on doing. Walking and canoeing safaris usually require special cover. Bungee jumping and white water rafting almost certainly will.

Before you travel, check with your insurance provider on how their claims process works. They may pay medical costs upfront or expect you to pay the initial costs and seek reimbursement later. Familiarise yourself with the exact documents they require from hospitals and emergency services and, if you’re expected to pay initial costs, then carry a credit card with sufficient funds.

Many lodges and safari operators include emergency evacuation insurance in their rates. If they don’t or you’re not completely satisfied with your level of cover, you can purchase additional emergency evacuation insurance from Speciality Emergency Services (SES), Zambia’s main country-wide emergency medical support service.

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