Vaccinations for Zambia

The most common vaccinations for Zambia are against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), tetanus, diphtheria, polio, typhoid and hepatitis A. Check the latest regarding the yellow fever vaccine and, if it’s required, don’t lose the little yellow booklet that comes with it. Regulations have relaxed recently, but that yellow booklet has been something of a passport in the region. Not having one can stop your holiday in its tracks, especially if you plan to visit other countries in Southern Africa.

A vaccination against rabies is also recommended, and the course lasts at least three weeks so can’t be left to the last minute. The waterborne bilharzia parasite is common along Zambia’s lake shores and although there’s no vaccine, it’s easy to test for and treat once you get back home. It’s a sensible post-holiday precaution if you’ve been canoeing or fishing on Zambian waters.

By far the biggest health risk in Zambia is malaria. There are various preventive prophylaxis treatments available and some should be taken a few weeks and others a few days before arrival. Consult your doctor or a local travel clinic well before your departure.

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