May 2014 - Wildebeest migration updates

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The rut has already started

30 May 2014 from Lemala Camps

This is only a small fore front of the migration. They are currently in the area of the confluence of the Bologanja and Mara Rivers in a place we call Makotano. There are calves with them which is how we know its the migration and the rut has already started. Usually the rut starts around end of June but they are getting going early this year. There are also quite a few zebras with them. We believe the main body is still to come. Kind Regards Mark - Lemala Kuria Hills

Zebra at the confluence of the Bologonja and Mara River - Image by Mark Stroud
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Few hundred Zebra crossed the Mara River

29 May 2014 from Lemala Camps

The first of the crossings have started today, a herd of a few hundred Zebra crossed the Mara River this morning and the wildebeest are slowly catching up, lots of action expected over the next few weeks / months. very little rain in the Mara this year so there will certainly not be enough grass on the Kenyan side so we are expecting crossings back and forth this year! Thanks Mark - Lemala Kuria Hills

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Slowly heading north

28 May 2014 from Lemala Camps

James is at Kuria Hills and says the wildebeest "advant guarde" has arrived in the north +- 30km south of Kuria Hills Northern Serengeti, just south of the Mara River.

The wildebeest migration has arrived in the north - Image by James Haigh
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Front part of the migration spotted

26 May 2014 from Captain Joel J Fernandes

Good Morning The front part of the migration spotted between 3 NM NE of Fort Ikoma, all the way to about 5 NM E of Sasakwa. As one big herd.... Really Amazing today.‎ No pictures yet unfortunately! Joel

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The migration seems to be moving quick!

21 May 2014 from Captain Joel J Fernandes

Hi Carel, the migration seems to be moving quick! They are in and around the Sasakwa airstrip up to 5 miles to the NE roughly in the direction of the Fort Ikoma airstrip. ‎Attached are some of the pics from the air and the ground. Thanks and Regards, Captain Joel

The wildebeest migration is moving quick - Image by Captain Joel J Fernandes
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Expect early river crossings this year!

20 May 2014 from Lemala Camps

Hi Guys Just to give you an update. The one split of the migration is now around the Lobo area and some of the groups are already reaching Bolagonja. The other big herds are still around the Grumeti River and Sasakwa areas. Expect early river crossings this year! Best wishes Tom

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Wildebeest between Sasakwa and Grumeti River

19 May 2014 from Captain Joel J Fernandes

Quick Update as a side note. Today 2 big herds of wildebeest between Sasakwa and Grumeti River 1) Migration herd spotted starting 5 miles SW of Sasakwa airstrip right on the boundary between Grumeti reserve and Serengeti heading SW towards Grumeti, arriving soon. 2)The main migration herd spotted between 5 miles NW of Grumeti airstrip, all the way to 10 miles W-SW of Grumeti airstrip. Very spread out and seems they are stationary. Joel

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Main herd is between Singita’s Sasakwa and the Grumeti River

16 May 2014 from Captain Joel J Fernandes

Hey Carel We are getting ready for peak season and our planes are in tip-top shape, it is going to be a busy season it seems! So the main herd is now between Singita's Sasakwa and the Grumeti River still moving North Westerly. I suspect in a couple of days they will be making a turn to the North East. Thanks and Regards, Joel

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Herds are still around the Grumeti River

15 May 2014 from Lemala Camps

Just out of the Serengeti and the herds are still around the Grumeti River and around the Lemala Grumeti camp which is close to the Grumeti Airstrip, your clients are happy, they will send you some images! Regards Tom

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Wildebeest herds are between Mbalageti and Kirawira

13 May 2014 from Lemala Camps

Hi, Korduni, one of our managers at our Lemala Explorer Camp in the Grumeti (formerly Kigelia) area says the wildebeest herds are between Mbalageti and Kirawira in the Western Corridor at the moment.

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Wildebeest and zebra around the Nyasirori area

08 May 2014 from Lemala Camps

Hi Carel There is a mass of wildebeest and zebra around the Nyasirori area at the Western Corridor seen ten minutes ago by our camp manager from Lemala Explorer Grumeti Camp (formerly Kigelia). They seem to be a little early and if no more rain towards the south-east to turn them around again then we could expect early Mara River crossings this year again, June crossings could even be possible. Regards Tom

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migration is moving in a North Westerly direction

05 May 2014 from Captain Joel J Fernandes

We got some low quality photos from the air this morning. Currently the migration is moving in a North Westerly direction and is slightly south of due west from Seronera, spanning between 10 and 20 miles from the airstrip.‎ The pilot didn't get a comprehensive look but says the front-end should soon be on the edge of Singita Grumeti Reserves in a few days from now. So they seem to be on the move and slightly early again this year. Thanks and Regards, Joel

The wildebeest migration is moving in a north westerly direction - Image by Captain Joel J Fernandes

Lodges closest to the herd right now

Guests viewing Elephants in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

3 km

from herd

Wayo Green Camp

$ 326

per person per night

Our walking safari camp is part of the Wayo Africa Walking Safari experience. It is truly one-of-a-kind and is the highlight of many people's safaris. The aim of our camp is to access remote areas in the easiest manner possible while maintaining high levels of comfort. Our camp is designed to fit on a small trailer that can easily be towed in to the bush, allowing for movement as the animals move.

Tents are 3-man dome style tents that are easy to set-up with plenty of floor space for two people. It is great for a good nights rest in a really remote area. Sleeping is on comfy 4-inch mattresses on the ground and the bedding is cotton covered duvets and cotton sheets.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Pool Area in Serengeti, Tanzania

10 km

from herd

Four Seasons Safari Lodge

$ 800

per person per night

The world’s best-known wildlife sanctuary and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park measures close to 14,763 square kilometres (5,700 square miles). And Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania, is nestled in the heart of it all.

In addition to the magnificent surrounding wildlife, Four Seasons delivers memorable ways to experience the Serengeti, with unique activities that include hot-air balloon rides across the plains, picnics in the bush, and safari photography classes. Our Discovery Centre is a great place to learn about African culture and history. You can get to know the local Maasai people and become involved in socially responsible programs, such as those that help local schools and support wildlife conservation

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10 km

from herd

Kimondo Camp

$ 714

per person per night

Like the herds of antelope that have made the Serengeti the most famous wilderness region on earth, Kimondo is a traveller. As the seasons wax and wane so this migration camp crafted of wood and canvas follows the herds on their never-ending journey across the grasslands of East Africa.

From July to October home for Kimondo is near the sinuous Mara River on the famous Lamai Wedge, where massive herds brave the jaws of hungry Nile crocodiles. As winter eases and summer warms the land, the herds move south to calve in the lush grasslands of the southern Serengeti. As the herds move, so does Kimondo, to ensure you’re never far from the heart of the migration.

But unlike the thundering wildebeest, Kimondo – like its sought-after sister-camp Olakira – leaves no footprint behind. Entirely solar-powered, it’s a migration camp that touches the earth lightly while providing authentic luxury on the Serengeti plains. With just eight comfortable tents Kimondo offers an intimate safari experience; a sumptuous taste of how the early explorers discovered the wonders of East Africa.

From rich hand-woven rugs to burnished copper lanterns a sultry mix of Moroccan exoticism and East African safari romance resonates at Kimondo, where king-size cast-iron beds rest under canvas ceilings as the rustle of the savannah lulls you to sleep. Or leave sleep for a while and linger at the fireside, swopping tales of your day in Africa as the embers crackle up towards the Milky Way. Kimondo translates as ‘shooting star’ and in Tanzania’s crystal-clear skies you’ll be sure to see more than a few.

Governors Camp Game Walk in Masai Mara, Kenya

11 km

from herd

Governors' Camp


per person per night

Governors has been pioneering immersive and transformational safaris in the Mara since 1972. We were the first operators to be permanently based inside the Mara, our site was chosen for its prime location and was the designated “getaway” for the Governors of Kenya. Unfenced and right in the heart of the action. Our camps are Located in some of the best and most precious wildlife locations in the world. We are a family with a colourful cast of characters that embodies the spirit of safari, while placing the care of the environment, community & conservation at the heart of everything we do.

The setting is magical. So much so that almost a century ago it was reserved, exclusively, for Kenya’s colonial Governors. Governors’ Camp nestles in the forest along the winding banks of the Mara River, it's watered teeming with bird-life, hippo and crocodile, in the heart of Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve.

Some of the 37 tents line the riverbank, tucked into the forest they enjoy uninterrupted views over the Mara River, others have views across the sweeping plains of the Masai Mara. Created in 1972 Governors’ Camp set new standards in luxury for a tented camp. Today it’s still Africa’s best.

Everything is under canvas, all tents have en-suit bathrooms with hot and cold running water and flushing toilets. There is a bar tent with deck overlooking the Mara River and dining tent with views over the plains.

Governors Camp has been awarded a Silver Eco-Rating for our sustainable practices in camp. 

Serengeti Wilderness Camp Tent Exterior in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

11 km

from herd

Serengeti Wilderness Camp

$ 340

per person per night

Serengeti Wilderness Camp is a ‘seasonal’ camp located in the heart of the Serengeti National Park. The style of camp is simple but with every comfort being taken care of. Seasonal camps have the benefit of being able to move to some of the best game viewing areas of the park and every three to six months we move to a new location. We work under Park’s guidelines and the camp is truly eco-friendly.

Comprising just ten spacious tents, we provide comfortable beds and quality linen, with en suite eco-friendly toilet and bush-shower off an intimate dressing room area. Lighting is by 12-volt (solar powered) with bedside lamps provided. The tents each have a shady verandah, where guests may relax and read quietly or perhaps watch birds and animals.