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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Safari

The ultimate guide to your next Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Safari

Get to Know Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

In Uganda’s southwestern corner, the lush, mountainous forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park conserves the country’s most alluring natural asset: around 400 mountain gorillas, or half of the world’s remaining wild population.

Most people come to Bwindi – Uganda’s most popular tourist safari destination – to track these magnificent apes (more than a hundred of which have been habituated), which involves an adventurous hike on hilly tracks through the misty tropical rainforest.

Along the way, there are 120 other mammals to spot, including forest duikers, rare l’Hoest monkeys, olive baboons, bushbuck, black-and-white Colobus monkeys, seldom seen forest elephants, and an incredible number of avian creatures: 220 species of butterfly and 350 bird species.

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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

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Why Bwindi Impenetrable?

  • To go gorilla trekking in Bwindi, you need to book a permit, which we will secure upon booking. The permit should be arranged five or six months before your visit as there are only a few permits issued each day and they all get booked up during the busiest months of the year (June to August, as well as December to February).
  • Discounted permits are offered during the rainy months of March to May and September to November for US$450 a person.
  • You can go gorilla tracking year-round in Bwindi, but most travelers choose to do so in the driest months – June to August and December to February. During the rainier months, trekking is more challenging because of the slippery mud trails.
  • Gorilla tracking can be physically demanding – the hike to reach your allocated group can take anything from just an hour to an entire day (the average hiking time is between three and seven hours).
  • The paths in the park are steep and hilly and can be very muddy, and you’ll likely need to veer off track and walk through the dense undergrowth of the forest.
  • You must have a good fitness level and wear the right gear: a comfortable pair of hiking boots with ankle support, a thick pair of socks (for biting ants), long trousers to protect from stinging nettles, and a durable waterproof jacket.
  • Some people also wear garden gloves to protect them from the nettles. If you don’t have your own hiking poles, you can rent a stick from the porters – it’ll help keep you upright on steep, slippery sections.
  • If you’re traveling as a family, you must be over 15 to go gorilla trekking. If you’re feeling sick on the day of your trekking experience, you should volunteer to stay behind. Human illnesses can be transmitted to gorillas and have the potential to kill an entire group.
  • There are many rules you need to follow when you come into contact with the gorillas – it’s essential to stick to all of these to respect these wild animals.
  • Your guide will explain all the rules before you go gorilla trekking, but remember that it’s essential to keep at least seven meters away from the gorillas and that you should never touch them.
  • Don’t use flash photography, don’t eat or drink in front of them, keep your voice down, and cover your mouth and nose and turn away from the gorillas if you need to sneeze.

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