March 2014 - Wildebeest migration updates

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Main herds have moved into Maswa

08 Mar 2014 from Mashine

Carel, we had to turn around today, we did see many zebra and thompsons but the main herds have moved into Maswa past the ranger post there, very wet so we could not follow them, I will ask the pilot to fly the clients over them on their way to Manyara, I am driving back tomorrow so will have a look towards Eyasi south of Matiti and will let you know.

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Good rain in Maswa

03 Mar 2014 from Captain Joel J Fernandes

Good rain in Maswa Carel, so I think the herds will move there over the next few days, I flew to Kusini today and there are good numbers moving slowly now, I am sure they will go further west but they are at S 03 03 E34 52, never fun landing at Kusini with so many on the runway and it being a little wet...

Lodges closest to the herd right now

Watching an Elephant on an African game drive safari at the Masai Mara, Kenya

1 km

from herd

Ngare Serian

$ 640

per person per night

This refuge of serenity may not suit those who seek a tame, barren surroundings Rather, it fits the more audacious voyager who seeks out safari's real character. Because of its intimate and select character, Ngare Serian is suited to being set aside in its entirety for family gatherings or close friends on a private basis. Each of the four, tented suites stands on a rich hard wood deck, sat above the burbling Mara river deep in the North Mara Reserve.

Guests viewing Elephants in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

3 km

from herd

Wayo Green Camp

$ 326

per person per night

Our walking safari camp is part of the Wayo Africa Walking Safari experience. It is truly one-of-a-kind and is the highlight of many people's safaris. The aim of our camp is to access remote areas in the easiest manner possible while maintaining high levels of comfort. Our camp is designed to fit on a small trailer that can easily be towed in to the bush, allowing for movement as the animals move.

Tents are 3-man dome style tents that are easy to set-up with plenty of floor space for two people. It is great for a good nights rest in a really remote area. Sleeping is on comfy 4-inch mattresses on the ground and the bedding is cotton covered duvets and cotton sheets.

Guests having a Bush Meal at Karen Blixen Camp

3 km

from herd

Karen Blixen Camp

$ 502

per person per night

Karen Blixen Camp is an eco-friendly luxury camp that gives a sense of the exiting explorer days when the savannah was seldom visited and elaborate and comfortable camps were set up providing a luxurious and stylish retreat after each day’s adventure.

Karen Blixen Camp comprises 22 large luxury canvas tents each placed with an undisturbed view along the Mara River. The stylish restaurant, the reception, the lounge and bar and the gift shop with internet are set on a raised wooden deck and furnished with accurate reproductions of Karen Blixen’s private furniture to fit in with the cozy atmosphere. The beautifully laid swimming pool offers relaxation and even a little exercise in-between game drives.

Karen Blixen Camp is the perfect place to sit back and relax with a gin and tonic overlooking the Mara River and the wildlife coming to drink, whilst exchanging stories about the adventures of the day.

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5 km

from herd

Kimondo Camp

$ 714

per person per night

Like the herds of antelope that have made the Serengeti the most famous wilderness region on earth, Kimondo is a traveller. As the seasons wax and wane so this migration camp crafted of wood and canvas follows the herds on their never-ending journey across the grasslands of East Africa.

From July to October home for Kimondo is near the sinuous Mara River on the famous Lamai Wedge, where massive herds brave the jaws of hungry Nile crocodiles. As winter eases and summer warms the land, the herds move south to calve in the lush grasslands of the southern Serengeti. As the herds move, so does Kimondo, to ensure you’re never far from the heart of the migration.

But unlike the thundering wildebeest, Kimondo – like its sought-after sister-camp Olakira – leaves no footprint behind. Entirely solar-powered, it’s a migration camp that touches the earth lightly while providing authentic luxury on the Serengeti plains. With just eight comfortable tents Kimondo offers an intimate safari experience; a sumptuous taste of how the early explorers discovered the wonders of East Africa.

From rich hand-woven rugs to burnished copper lanterns a sultry mix of Moroccan exoticism and East African safari romance resonates at Kimondo, where king-size cast-iron beds rest under canvas ceilings as the rustle of the savannah lulls you to sleep. Or leave sleep for a while and linger at the fireside, swopping tales of your day in Africa as the embers crackle up towards the Milky Way. Kimondo translates as ‘shooting star’ and in Tanzania’s crystal-clear skies you’ll be sure to see more than a few.

Cheetah Spotting at Sayari Camp, Serengeti

7 km

from herd

Sayari Camp

$ 753

per person per night

When Sayari Camp opened in 2005 it blazed a trail in Tanzania, allowing safari travellers to access one of the most dramatic and under-explored corners of the northern Serengeti. Today, this upmarket Serengeti lodge is one of the finest in Africa, offering luxurious lodgings in some of the best Big Five countries on the continent.

The remote and starkly beautiful landscape forms the inspiration for Sayari, with the turret-shaped roofs on each of the 15 expansive tented suites mirroring the iconic Turner Hill to the north. Indoors, rich mahogany floors and delicate tones of sand, stone and acacia reflect the views washing in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

En-suite bathrooms, with spacious showers and egg-shaped baths large enough for two, offer similarly impressive Serengeti views. Fine linens and safari-chic décor offset the wilderness that lies just beyond the canvas walls, with king-size beds and private verandas to complete the world-class experience.