September 2014 - Wildebeest migration updates

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General movement is south

30 Sep 2014 from Lemala Camps

Hi Carel Good crossing at no 3 today, still lots of rain and it seems to be here to stay, it is so green for what should be the end of dry season. General movement is south and it seems that there is no turning around this time. I will send you the video when I can communication but Freddy did get a few pictures when he was there with clients - (image credit Freddy Lemala Kuria Hills guide). It is good to be back - Mark, Lemala Kuria Hills

Wildebeest crossing the Mara River at crossing point three - Image by Freddy Lemala Kuria Hills Guide
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Crossing the Mara River North to South

30 Sep 2014 from Alex Walker's Serian

Hi Carel, Update from Belinda in the Serengeti: Hi Roisin, "After heavy rainfall here the last two evenings, the wildebeest have been crossing the Mara River North to South, mostly at Nos 2 & 3. This morning the guests saw 2 crossings, one small one of about 100 and a much larger one of about 1000. Thanks, Belinda xx" Roisin Perrett Manager Serian. Ngare Serian. Nkorombo. Serian Mobile

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Heavy storms have spread them out

30 Sep 2014 from Alex Walker's Serian

Hi Carel, This has just come in from Alex who is down at Nkorombo Serian in the Mara Reserve right now “Migration update. Size able herds have slowly moved southward from Musiara towards Rhino Ridge and Paradise Plains. Ten thousand or so. Other large herds can be seen across the river in the northern section of the triangle close to the Olololo gate No crossings here at the moment. Heavy storms have spread them out. Lots of little baby warthog, impala, topi, tommy, eland to be seen. Tiny lion cubs in MNC too.”

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Zebra and wildebeest in the Seronera Valley

Morning Carel - more rain showers in the afternoon, bringing zebra and wildebeest to the Seronera valley. A sighting of approximately 100,000 zebra and wildebeest seen crossing the Seronera River, wildebeest getting stuck in the mud. Keep well Tom and Alison Mees, Serengeti Pioneer Camp, Elewana Collection

The zebra have arrived in the Seronera Valley - Image by Tom Mees
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26mm rain in one thunderous hour

29 Sep 2014 from Ndutu Safari Lodge

Hello Carel I have just returned from some leave to find this email and link from you. Very cool! Some awesome shots in amongst the selection. I am proud to be one of them! Thanks for the part you played!! This afternoon we have had 26mm rain, in one thunderous hour! September 2013 was only 3mm for the whole month. The satellite map show a chance again for some more the next few days. All the best Ainslie

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Good smaller crossings expected

29 Sep 2014 from Lemala Camps

Carel, just the crossing at crossing point no 3, so nice and green for this time of the year, the rain will even further fragment the herds into smaller less significant numbers. There are still migratory herds on the Mara Triangle side so we are expecting some good smaller crossings the next week or two. Keep well - Veronica

Serengeti migration crossing the Mara River - Video by Lemala Camps
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Significant storm over the weekend

29 Sep 2014 from Lemala Camps

Hi Carel - Just in from our guides at Kuria Hills, a wonderful few crossings, all from north to south so a definite shift southwards. We have had lots of rain, significant storm over the week-end. Enjoy the video from Edwin, Lemala Kuria Hills Guide - Keep well Veronica

Thousands of wildebeest cross the Mara River - Video by Edwin - Lemala Kuria Hills Guide
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Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of wildebeest‏

26 Sep 2014 from Governors' Camp

Hi Carel - we are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of wildebeest‏, I would estimate around 200,000 in the Musiara Marsh area and Bila Shaka, will drop a photo in a folder over to you‏, have a good weekend - Ariana, Governors Camp Collection (image credit Patrick Reynolds)

The wildebeest migration in the Musiara Marsh and Bila Shaka area - Image by Patrick Reynolds
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Resident and migratory herds around Rhino Ridge and Topi plains

26 Sep 2014 from Governors' Camp

Morning Carel, we still have some resident and migratory herds around Rhino Ridge and Topi plains, slowly moving south-west, also a few left in Mara North but nothing that significant. We have had the odd shower but nothing substantial enough. Patrick took a few great pics and will keep us updated over the weekend - keep well Ariana - Governors Camp Collection (image credit Patrick Reynolds)

The migratory herds are around Rhino Ridge and Topi Plains - Image by Patrick Reynolds
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Some herds south of Rekero Camp

26 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Morning Carel - No river crossings for a couple of days, rain showers here and there but not sustainable rains, some herds south of Rekero Camp, Posee plains filled with around half a million Gnus headed west, so you can expect some crossings around Mara South crossing points and perhaps downstream of the Lalek Mara confluence - keep well and I keep you informed - Onesmus Irungu, Rekero Camp Guide, Asilia Africa (image credit Onesmus Irungu)

Posee Plains are filled with the herds of the wildebeest migration - Image by Onesmus Irungu
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No rain in the last couple of days

Hi Carel, Short update from south / central Serengeti. No rain in the last couple of days. Most of the zebra have moved from Moru towards Serengeti Sopa lodge. Small group of wildebeest ( around 1000) seen around Seronera river not far from Serengeti balloon safari launch site. Regards, Alison and Tom

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Small crossing right infront of Rekero Camp

25 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Good Morning Carel, Hope you have started your day well. We are fine here in the Mara at Rekero. We had a small crossing right in-front of Rekero Camp crossing the Talek from North to South, this movement is as per the general trend - back towards the Serengeti, there are still a few hundred thousand south of us scattered all over Meta and Posee Plains Pictures attached. Kind Regards, Mariana Kathini Camp Manager Rekero Camp

the wildebeest migration crossing in front of rekero camp
The wildebeest migration crossing in front of Rekero Camp - Image by Asilia Africa
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Another great crossing

24 Sep 2014 from Alex Walker's Serian

Hey ya Carel, Rosh Another great crossing on the corner of camp this afternoon .. approx 3,000 wildebeest plus 1 zebra crossed from the reserve into the Mara Triangle at 13:50. I ran from camp to our usual spot on the corner and managed to get the following pics, Tanya Hammond, Nkorombo Mobile, Serian Camps Image credit Tanya Hammond

Wildebeest crossing the Mara River to get into the Mara Triangle - Image by Tanya Hammond
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Crossings on Serengeti side are towards the south

23 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Morning Carel - the weekend's crossing that you already updated, this is just from a different angle, enjoy the video. It seems that most of the crossings on the Serengeti side are towards the south so we might experience the turn towards the south, lots of rain and green grass towards Lobo and Mbuzi Mawe. Keep well - Nathoo Rafiq, Asilia Guide

Footage of the wildebeest migration's weekend Mara River crossing - Video by Nathoo Rafiq

Wonderful crossing at number three this morning

22 Sep 2014

Just in from the Mara River Serengeti side - wonderful crossing at no 3 this morning, what a way to start the week! Thanks for the footage Veronica, Lemala Camps

Wonderful Mara River crossing at crossing point three on the Serengeti side - Video by Veronica Otter
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Herds still moving west towards Serengeti South

22 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Morning Carel - no Mara River crossing for a couple of days now....herds still moving west towards Serengeti (south), a few thousands gnus still at Topi Plains heading towards Paradise Plains all the way to Main and Mortuary crossing area, more when I return to camp - Onesmus Irungu - Rekero Camp Masai Mara

The wildebeest migration is moving west - Image by Onesmus Irungu
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Push towards the south

22 Sep 2014 from Lemala Camps

Morning Carel Wonderful crossing between crossing 3 and 4 this morning, it seems there might be a push towards the south. We had such a wonderful time on the Mara with very happy clients - video credit Vesna, of Pure Afro Travels - hope you have a good week - Veronica, Lemala Camps at Lemala Kuria Hills

The wildebeest herds crossing the Mara River as they head to the south - Video by Vesna Glamocanin
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Big crossing at Kaburu

19 Sep 2014 from Alex Walker's Serian

Hi Carel - Update from the Mara: Today there was a big crossing (+5000 head of wildebeest) at Kaburu heading into the Triangle around 3PM. It seems as though they are starting to move out of the Mara Southwards. Having said that, there is still a substantial amount of them left here. Down towards Nkorombo there have been massive storms, both yesterday and tonight (1inch or so on both occasions), this may bring in some confusion with regards to making the trek South. I am still awaiting confirmation on the Tanzanian side…I hope I will be able to send that update by tomorrow. Best wishes, Roisin

The massive wildebeest migration river crossing at Kaburu - Image by Roisin Perret

Good rain

18 Sep 2014

News from the Mara and northern Serengeti - rained at Kogatende area, Kuria Hills and Lamai this morning, Mara River bridge near Kogatende Ranger Post was flooded so that means good rain in the Mara itself too and Kogatende airstrip was closed. Rain around Lobo and the Klein's concession all the way to Four Seasons and Mbuzi Mawe so this will slow down the return of the herds and possibly break them up into smaller herds. Zebra all the down to Moru kopjes. Thanks Veronica from Lemala Kuria Hills for the update, starting to rain again as we speak at Kuria, oh and a good crossing at point no 2 earlier today - Carel Discover Africa

The view from Lemala Kuria Hills - Image by Veronica Otter
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Downpour of rain

Carel From Serengeti Pioneer Camp central Serengeti - yesterday and today we have had a down pour of rain - lasting approx 1 - 1.5 hours. Driving from Seronera to Pioneer Camp all the way to Moru Kopies - Zebra everywhere, will send you pictures later when our guides return Kind Regards Alison & Tom - Serengeti Pioneer Camp

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Considerable numbers of wildebeest in Keekorok

Hi Carel, From Sand River Masai Mara. There are considerable numbers of wildebeest in the Keekorok area, all the way to the Talek. Smaller herds south of Keekorok towards Sand River, and some appear to be heading back towards the northern Serengeti. Fewer animals towards the north and west and I have not heard of any recent substantial crossings over the Mara River into the Triangle/TransMara, at least this (south) side of the Talek River. We have had some recent evening showers, with more rain falling to the west and south of SR, and this will obviously influence movements. Overall, I think the rains we experienced in August have caused some fragmentation. A brief visit to the southern side of the Triangle recently revealed good grass cover there cf the Lookout area, but relatively few animals that side of the Mara. My guides are out today, so if there are any changes I will update you shortly. Kind regards Tim Allen-Rowlandson General Manager Sand River Masai Mara

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A few casualties taken by crocs

18 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Morning Carel, rain rain rain in the Mara very early short rains but we are not complaining, this morning we had a crossing for over 40 minutes at mortuary crossing, they crossed over to Mara Triangle on their way to the Serengeti, a few casualties taken by crocs. Keep well Onesmus Irungu - Rekero Camp (image credit Onesmus Irunga)

The wildebeest migration at Mortuary Crossing - Image by Onesmus Irungu
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Gathering on the Bila Shaka and North Rhino Ridge plains

17 Sep 2014 from Governors' Camp

Hi Carel Many wildebeest are now gathering on the Bila Shaka and north Rhino ridge plains. This afternoon when I went out it was an extraordinary afternoon when after a few minutes the wind picked up and dust starting flowing down the Bila Shaka, the wildebeest started to gather particularly when the rain started to fall a little later and this change in temperature got the animals all running and massing.‏ Patrick Reynolds‏ - Governors Camp (image credit Maina Wachira)

The rain gets the wildebeest migration going - Image by Maina Wachira
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Massive numbers in Lamai and Northern Kogatende

16 Sep 2014 from Captain Joel J Fernandes

Hi Carel, from the Serengeti side, there are some massive numbers in the Lamai and Northern Kogatende area, I had a look north of Kogatende as well , past the Mara river, they are spread out, chilling on the plains. Also a few near Grumeti on downwind side of runway 11. Think most of them are in Masai Mara again. One of my photography mates saw massive crossings there in between Musiara and Mara Triangle - keep well and we see you soon, Joel

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1000 - 1500 wildebeest crossing the Mara River

16 Sep 2014 from Governors' Camp

Hi Carel, News from the Mara is that there was another river crossing today of between 1000 - 1500 wildebeest crossing the Mara River towards Mara Triangle side, several were killed by crocodile and there are still wildebeest on the plains all around our camps up to rhino ridge. Morani one of the males lions from the Marsh Pride was seen this morning dragging a wildebeest kill close to the crossing site. Kind regards, Ariana Grammaticas

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Lots of action infront of Lemala Mara

15 Sep 2014 from Lemala Camps

Hi Carel, lots of action in-front of Lemala Mara over the weekend with good crossings between crossing points 0 - 4, it seems that there is a shift back towards the south and there also seems to be movement from the Mara Triangle back towards the Serengeti so a good few weeks are expected. Enjoy the short video - regards Veronica Lemala Camps

Lemala says there was lots of action in front of the Lemala Mara Camp this weekend - Video by Lemala Camps
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Large mass in the Northern Serengeti

14 Sep 2014 from Alex Walker's Serian

Morning Carel - Northern Serengeti report large mass of about 15,000 in the Lamai along "korongo la fisi" to Kenya border. Good crossings at number 4 headed northward into Lamai. This last week the area to the west along from crossing 1 and 0 and towards Lamai airstrip have been the most active. The herds are feeding in the walking area on the new growth north of Machochwe Gate. Best Alex

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Almost ten thousand wildebeests crossed the Mara River

14 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Morning Carel - almost ten thousands wildebeests crossed the Mara River at main crossing point into Mara Triangle conservancy and perhaps on their way back to Serengeti, one unlucky gnu ended in crocodile lunch plate - Keep well, Onesmus Irungu Rekero Camp Masai Mara, photo credit Onesmus Irungu

Thousands of wildebeest crossing the Mara River - Image by Onesmus Irungu

Good numbers around Governor’s Musiara marsh areas

12 Sep 2014

Far more rain than expected would probably slow down the return of the herds to the Serengeti and prolong the 2014 crossing season slightly, currently some good numbers around Governor's Musiara marsh areas and into the Mara Triangle, some smaller groups scattered around South Mara and towards Sand River, on the Serengeti side there are still some good numbers too and crossings, Lamai to Bologonja and a few drifting south towards Lobo and the Klein's concession. Yesterday's crossing at #4 thanks to Lemala Kuria Hills, thanks Mark

Footage of yesterday's wildebeest migration Mara River crossing at number four - Video by Mark Stroud
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Big herds still in the Musiara Marsh area

12 Sep 2014 from Alex Walker's Serian

HI Carel, Update from the guides from today’s adventures here in the Mara: The big herds are still in the Musiara marsh area and quite a number of them were down on the river. A big herd was contemplating crossing over to the Triangle side all day, moving between Kaburu and the Main crossing point. Eventually about 1000 crossed the river at the Main crossing, and there was only one casualty, wildebeest with a broken leg, crocodile put it out of its misery. Down at Nkorombo there was another gathering of wildebeest, also about 1000 head – but none had crossed over by the end of the day. Kind regards, Roisin

The wildebeest migration by Alex Walker's Serian - Video by Roisin Perret
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Update from the Serengeti North Camp & Mara

11 Sep 2014 from Alex Walker's Serian

Morning Carel Update from the Serengeti North camp: “The largest concentration is at the Lamai Triangle, another group between Kichwa ya Tembo and Tabora B. One small crossing was seen downstream at no 1.” Update from the Mara: We have had massive herds all around the Musiara and on the Triangle side. Looks like they were going to cross the Mara River yesterday, clients are down at the river today to see if there is going to be any action. (image credit Alex Walker) Regards Rosh"

Serengeti migration crossing at the Mara River - Image by Alex Walker
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Very impressive wildebeest crossing yesterday

10 Sep 2014 from Governors' Camp

Morning Carel, update, a very impressive wildebeest crossing yesterday, all happened in the absence of even a single crocodile! Good numbers still on the plains around our camps‏. Keep well Ariana, Governors Camp Collection Image courtesy of Nelis Wolmarans Governors Camp Manager‏

Impressive wildebeest migration river crossing - Image by Nelis Wolmarans
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Quiet on the Tanzanian side

09 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Hi Carel, my bags are packed, this will be one of my last updates - news is that it has been a bit quiet on the Tanzanian side in terms of crossings, yesterday Sayari Camp reported seeing two small crossings at crossing point number 7 and no 2 coming back to the Tanzania side, other herds have been seen towards the East and the Njamalumbwa hills moving towards the Kuka Hills and the Sand River area. Olakira have reported that they have managed to see some small crossings in front of their camp and that their herds were also seen far west of camp in the Machochwe area. Rekero Camp on the Mara side reported small groups around Look-out Hill near Sand River, others are scattered in the plains of the Mara Triangle and big groups around Musiara, see you soon!

Small river crossings on the Tanzanian side of the Mara River - Image by Joe du Plessis
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Wonderful footage from a crossing at Lookout

08 Sep 2014 from Kicheche Camps

Hi Carel, some wonderful footage from a crossing at Lookout, taken by our silver guide Patrick Koriata. Images were taken by Patrick whilst sharing the company of regular Kicheche visitor 'Greg Du Toit' current Wildlife Photographer of the year. Our usual abundance of cats in Olare Motorogi have been giving our guests some fantastic game drives. Nearly 70 Lions, plenty of leopards and a smattering of cheetahs have now been infiltrated by the gnu masses. Death, destruction and lots of young cubs are all available to our guests, on the plains, not in camp! Amazingly we still have a few bednights available for the end of Oct so tell everyone to hurry. Regards Darren

The wildebeest migration Mara River crossing at the Lookout crossing point - Video by Patrick Koriata
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Crossings have been very slow

08 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Hi Carel How are you, update from our camps in the North, Carel, crossings have been very slow the last couple of days, and not many wildebeest on the Tanzania side, Olakira Camp managed to see some small crossings in front of their camp at Makutano crossing point, they also said that most of the wildebeest in the area are far towards the west of camp around Machochwe Village area, the Mara River is very high which might also cause less wildebeest to cross at the moment. There are many wildebeest on the Kenyan side, waiting to hear from our Kenya guides Cheers Joe

Wildebeest herds crossing the Mara River at the Makutano crossing point - Image by Joe du Plessis
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Shift from north to south

08 Sep 2014 from Lemala Camps

Morning Carel, some good crossings right in-front of Lemala Mara, there seems to be a shift from north (Mara) to south (Serengeti) again. The river is still fairly high so long good crossings are still happening on the Serengeti side. The herds are coming down from the Mara Triangle side back south so there will be more crossings this year. Keep well, Mark Lemala Kuria Hills

Mark Stroud says there's been good crossings right in front of Lemala Mara - Video by Mark Stroud
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Wildebeest grazing around the Kinyangaga area

05 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Hi Carel, from Nathoo, guide at Sayari, "there is still a big group of wildebeest grazing around the Kinyangaga area which is just below the Siria escarpment on the Kenya border also some small herds around the old Sayari site, spoke to a guide today in the office and they saw two big crossings yesterday at crossing point no 4, al heading north again. Joe

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Big crossing yesterday

05 Sep 2014 from Governors' Camp

Morning Carel, ok so news from the Mara is there was a big crossing yesterday, ‏4000 - 5000 crossed the Mara River going from east to west, ‏2 wildebeest were taken by crocs and 1 by the big resident male leopard‏, there are thousands more filing in to the musiara area from conservation areas outside the mara this morning‏. Ariana, Governors Camp Collection

Big Mara River crossing yesterday - Image by Ariana Grammaticas
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Big rains in Naboiaho

04 Sep 2014 from Encounter Mara

Morning Carel, large herds were coming from the Sand River up towards Keekorok. Several crossings have been seen around the Lookout Hill area heading into the Mara Triangle. I have also heard lots of them around Governors sides. Very few wildebeest left in Naboisho at the moment. Big rains here in Naboisho so they may return. Should be an interesting next few weeks as they may leave or may come back!?!? Keep well Andrew - Image credit Andrew Conway

A crocodile attacks a zebra trying to cross the Mara River - Image by Andrew Conway
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More rain on the Mara side

04 Sep 2014 from Lemala Camps

Morning Carel, a good crossing at crossing point no1 this morning infront of Lemala Mara Camp, more rain on the Mara side and there is still movement towards the north in general with a few herds crossing back and forth. Season is going really well and guests are happy, this image was taken by Sandra Vaughan. Veronica

Wildebeest migration crossing the Mara River at crossing point one - Image by Sandra Vaughan
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Migration is all over Kogatende Airstrip

03 Sep 2014 from Captain Joel J Fernandes

Hi Carel, yes the plane crash was tragic news for us in the area, they were a cargo operator out of Nairobi. The migration is all over Kogatende airstrip extending a few miles north and south. Some reports say they were crossing the river back north to the Mara. Well there has been quite some rains that way in the recent past as compared with the ones over the Serengeti. Thanks and Regards, Joel

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Moving along the marsh

03 Sep 2014 from Governors' Camp

Hi Carel - Yesterday morning at 8.00am some resident Wildebeest that started moving along the marsh yesterday crossed this morning. An estimated 5,000 crossed going East to West There was another resident crossing yesterday afternoon at 4.30pm and an estimated 1,000 animals crossed at the mortuary crossing point. The male Leopard of this area was in residence and took down 5 wildebeest in the spate of 30 minutes. He is a large leopard and is often seen in this area particularly at this time of year when the Wildebeest are crossing - keep well Patrick Governors Camp Collection image credit - John Njoroge

The wildebeest migration moving along the marsh - Image by John Njoroge
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Big crossings south

02 Sep 2014 from Lemala Camps

Morning Carel, Peter from Lemala Mara captured this crossing, not what we have experienced over the last few months but a crossing none the less, all well this side with some big crossings south again this morning at #4, guests are happy and we are expecting a good month with many wildebeest still in the Mara Triangle and south Mara. Mark Lemala Kuria Hills

Elephants crossing the Mara River - Video by Peter - Lemala Mara
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Thousand of Gnus and Zebras crossed at Look-out-hill

02 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

and from the Mara Carel, this morning several thousand Gnus and Zebras crossed at Look-out-hill into the Mara Triangle on their way back to the Serengeti. Rain overnight and we hope they might stay here longer. Huge Talek river crossing at Rekero Camp with Rekero lion pride taking down 2 gnus.They were crossing from south of Talek (Posee plains) to Northern bank (Rhino Ridge).

The wildebeest crossing the Talek River - Image by Joe du Plessis
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Big crossing yesterday

02 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Morning Carel, from the Tanzania side, big crossing seen yesterday by our camps, Sayari guide Oredi Nondo captured this photo of the crossing they saw yesterday at crossing point no 4, coming back into Tanzania side. Cheers Joe

Big wildebeest migration river crossing on the Serengeti side of the Mara River - Image by Oredi Nondo
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Big herd in the Kinyagaga area

01 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Hi Carel - and from the Northern Serengeti, this past week it has been very slow with crossings as a lot of the Wildebeest are in the Maasai Mara area at the moment,Sayari Camp has reported that they saw a very big herd in the Kinyagaga area of the Lamai Plains on the Kenya/Tanzania border and one big crossing was seen at crossing point number 4, with the Wildebeest also heading North. Olakira Camp managed to see one big crossing at number 7 crossing point heading South into Tanzania, cheers Joe

Lots of wildebeest in the Masai Mara - Image by Joe du Plessis
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Huge herds at Sand River

01 Sep 2014 from Asilia Africa

Morning Carel - Sand River crossings still happening, Mara River crossings happening at Look-out area crossing from the reserve to the Mara Triangle. Huge herds at Sand river, Posee plains, Olkeju Rongai plains all the way to Rekero area. Rains have started this evening so we expect the Gnus to move around again - Onesmus Irungu - Rekero Camp guide

The wildebeest are at the Sand River - Image by Onesmus Irungu

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$ 340

per person per night

Serengeti Wilderness Camp is a ‘seasonal’ camp located in the heart of the Serengeti National Park. The style of camp is simple but with every comfort being taken care of. Seasonal camps have the benefit of being able to move to some of the best game viewing areas of the park and every three to six months we move to a new location. We work under Park’s guidelines and the camp is truly eco-friendly.

Comprising just ten spacious tents, we provide comfortable beds and quality linen, with en suite eco-friendly toilet and bush-shower off an intimate dressing room area. Lighting is by 12-volt (solar powered) with bedside lamps provided. The tents each have a shady verandah, where guests may relax and read quietly or perhaps watch birds and animals.