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25 April 2018
Part of the Tanzania Safari Collection
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Check out some last-minute accommodation options; as close as 1km to the migratory herds! Our camps and lodges give you a front-row seat to the best show on earth.

The Great Migration covers thousands ofkilometres during the course of a year so there is no particular lodge or camp for viewing the migration at any given time during the annual event. Travellers should also keep in mind that the Great Migration is dependent on the rainfall and follows the same route every year - in search of greener pastures.

The trick, therefore, is to pre-book a lodge or camp that is known to be located in excellent locations a few times during the year in order to follow the migration. When deciding on the best lodge or camp for the Great Migration, consider the following options. 

The first is a permanent lodge or luxury tented camp, and the second option is a mobile camp where the campsite is moved several times a year to line up with the Great Migration. Both styles of accommodation offer options in terms of the budget with no compromise on comfort. They tend to be low-key, relaxed and immersive.

Lemala Ndutu Tented Camp

Lemala Ndutu Tented Camp moved with the seasons to ensure guests enjoy ringside seats to one of nature’s greatest shows. This afforded guests the unique opportunity to have the best chance of seeing the migration in action throughout the year. Perched on the edge of a permanent marsh, Lemala Ndutu is the ultimate amphitheater for the wildebeest migration between December and March.

Nine suites of a very high specification are relocated from the Northern Serengeti to this stunning Ndutu site to capture the boundless drama that accompanies the migration. The migrating herds of over 1.5 million wildebeest and zebra begin to arrive in December, with calves being born from February.

The camp is situated inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, near the border of Southern Serengeti, in what is perhaps the finest location in the whole of Ndutu because of its shady umbrella acacia trees and grass cover which reduces dust considerably and also attracts grazers. The camp offers fantastic views of the marsh where the permanent, freshwater attracts an abundance of game; including predators. The camp enjoys regular visits from resident wildlife ranging from lion, leopard, cheetah as well as hyena elephant and giraffe. The lion prides hunt close to the camp are not uncommon.

Legendary Serengeti Camp

Located in different positions throughout the year, Legendary Serengeti Mobile Camp offers the ideal location for your safari. Whenever you are travelling, you stand a very good chance of sighting the migration. The camp is situated in the beautiful northern part of the park from July until November, down south from December until April and in the west from May until mid-July. The camp moves seasonally to follow the great migration’s herds.

Guests can enjoy meals at the camp, savour a bush dinner under the stars, or a picnic lunch during your guided game drive or walk.

Game drives are the main focus of your safari activities here, in closed vehicles to keep the dust at bay - each has large windows and a pop-top roof for photographic opportunities. Walking safaris and night drives are only available in the Maswa Reserve when the camp is in the southern Serengeti/Maswa region. However, hot air ballooning is possible when the camp is in the Western corridor.

Woodlands Camp

The Woodlands Camp offers Out of Africa style tents ideally located near the famous Lake Ndutu. Nestled in an acacia grove far off the beaten path are nine stylishly- decorated safari tents that line a grassy pathway leading from a main dining and lounge tent.

The tented venue is located in the heart of the Southern Serengeti Plains in the migratory animals’ path. The camp’s unique location and intimate size makes it a top pick for witnessing the Great Migration in the green season (December to April).

Olakira Camp

Immerse yourself in the Great Migration at Olakira Migration Camp. Like the wildebeest that are the stars of the Serengeti’s annual migration, the Olakira Camp is a wonder to behold; a luxurious under-canvas camp that moves with the seasons, forever following the herds to ensure you have a front-row seat to the greatest show on earth.

Fine linens, finer dining and a touch of nomadic romance are the hallmarks of this authentic East African safari camp. Whether it’s at the river crossings of the northern Serengeti, the breathtaking scenery of the Lamai Wedge, or on the great grassy plains of the south, the intimate Olakira camp ensures the best of the Serengeti is always right on your doorstep.

Namiri Plains Camp

Namiri Plains Camp was created for real safari enthusiasts seeking comfort and exclusivity in secluded surroundings, excellent guiding and a deeper, more intense wildlife experience.

Set in a surprisingly remote and remarkable location out on the long-grass plains of the Serengeti Central, Namiri Plains Camp is a high specification mobile tented camp which offers arguably the ultimate Serengeti experience. The migration passes through Namiri Plains from October to May and unleashes spectacular predator sightings during December and January as the resident big cats feast on the passing herds.

Pitched in the shade of giant acacias, this small and exclusive tented haven offers 360° views of wildlife crossing the surrounding plains, the river area with its perennial vegetation and dense green reed beds that attract birds and small wildlife species. Guests will get the opportunity to explore the Namiri Plains on daily game drives; enjoy sunrise breakfast picnic on top of Soit Le Motonyi rock or sundowners on top of a kopje.

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