Climbing Kilimanjaro on a budget

lemosho route kilimanjaro

High park fees and logistical costs mean there is no such thing as a cheap Kilimanjaro climb. The best way to keep down costs is to form or join a group of four or more like-minded hikers, and to stick to the Marangu Route, which is more popular and busy than the other options, but also less logistically complicated. Even so, a Kilimanjaro climb is likely to seem pretty expensive by my standards. Worthy of consideration as a more budget-friendly alternative, nearby Mount Meru, protected within Arusha National Park, is Africa’s fifth-highest massif, and the three-day hike to its 4,566m summit is not only far cheaper bit it is also far less crowded, offers superior wildlife-viewing, comes with a lower risk of altitude-related sickness, and includes spectacular view to snow-capped Kilimanjaro.

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