December 2017 - Wildebeest migration updates

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Wildebeest in the Hidden Valley

27 Dec 2017 from Lemala Camps

The plains between the Hidden Valley and the Ndutu area is covered by the wildebeest. 

As the name implies, the Hidden Valley is a secret spot that is far from any road. The Valley is a depression and water catchment area in the plains, located about 14 miles northwest of Ndutu. 

Credit: Ranger Baraka Willium

- Image by Baraka Willium
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24 Dec 2017 update

24 Dec 2017 from Leopard Tours Ltd

A huge group of the wildebeest was sighted migrating in the south of Moru (between Moru and Kusini) grazing towards Simiyu. 

Credit: Ranger Heri Mallya

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Wildebeest Migration moving towards the south-east of the Ndutu plains

22 Dec 2017 from Lemala Camps

This morning (22 Dec 2017) ranger Baraka Willium shared the stunning footage of the Wildebeest Migration moving towards the south-east of the Ndutu plains.

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Seronera and the Ndutu area

21 Dec 2017 from Lemala Camps

Currently, a massive herd of the Migration is in the eastern Seronera around the Ndutu area, heading towards the northern Ngorongoro Crater for the calving season in January, all the way through to April. 

They are feeding on the fresh, short grass.

Credit: Ranger Baraka Willium.

- Image by Baraka Willium
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A big herd of the wildebeest was seen at Semetu, heading towards Namiri Camp

20 Dec 2017 from Asilia Africa

A big herd of the wildebeest was seen at Semeto, heading towards Namiri Camp.

Namiri Camp is tucked away in a grove of fever trees and offers breathtaking views of the sweeping plains. Namiri Plains is an intimate tented camp in the central Seronera, which is known as one of the most reliable-game viewing areas within the Serengeti National Park. It is a safe haven for cheetah, which can be seen in unsurpassed numbers on daily game drives. 

Credit: Namiri Camp General Manager, Diana Mshanga.

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17 December 2017 Update

17 Dec 2017 from Leopard Tours Ltd

Yesterday, a massive group of the migration was sighted between Mawa ya Simba and Kuni na Sita, grazing towards Seronera to follow the rain.

However, a long queue was coming from the Vilima Saba (northeast) and another coming from in between Mawa ya Simba and Maru.

Credit: Ranger Heri Mallya

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16 December 2017 Update

16 Dec 2017 from Sidai Africa Safaris

The wildebeest herds have been sighted migrating through the western Lobo area. In the next three to four weeks, the herds will be following the rain, returning to the short-grass plains of the Ndutu area. 

Important to note is that Ndutu Safari Lodge is in the centre of the migration within the Ndutu area. 

Credit: Emanuel Melubo Mamasita 

- Image by Emanuel Melubo Mamasita
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This year the migration has been very scattered

15 Dec 2017 from Nasikia Camps

This year the migration had been very scattered, but far south (Serengeti) is where the migration is heading at the moment. Some of the herds might already be in the south whilst the others are still on the route.

A huge group of the wildebeest was sighted moving between Moru and Naabi, heading towards Ndutu in the south. And, in the next two to three days they will be around the Naona Moru Camp. 

Meanwhile, another group was seen between the Matiti area and Kakesio region.

Update credit: Nasikia Camps

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Large herds of wildebeest and zebra migration in the Vilima Saba

14 Dec 2017 from Lemala Camps

Large herds of wildebeest and zebra are still around the Central Serengeti.

This morning (14 December 2017), they were seen in the Vilima Saba around Mawa ye Simba. 

Thanks to the wonderful guide Fredy Mkunde for sharing the stunning footage and images with us. 

- Image by Fredy Mkunde
- Image by Fredy Mkunde
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Large herds can be seen around Kilima Saba

A large herd of the great migration was sighted around Kilima Saba in the Serengeti even though the area is not often used, especially in the rainy season. 

However, there are no camps in the area as it is a road in the Serengeti. Vistors are advised to drive through the seven hills from Naabi Gate to the Central Serengeti. 

Credit: Manager Assistant Justin Bernard 

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Herds are in the south of the western corridor

11 Dec 2017 from Asilia Africa

Currently, the herds are in the south of the western corridor. Mostly in the Maswa Game Reserve from the plains through to the woodlands at Mbono. The closest camp is Mbono Tented Camp.

Credit: Ranger Heribert Mardai 

- Image by Heribert Mardai
- Image by Heribert Mardai

twitter update Wildebeest

02 Dec 2017 from ATorres437

Wildebeest are at Gol Kopje, Naabi Hill Gate to the eastern border of the Serengeti, and Namiri Plains! #herdtracker

Lodges closest to the herd right now

Guests viewing Elephants in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

2 km

from herd

Wayo Green Camp

$ 326

per person per night

Our walking safari camp is part of the Wayo Africa Walking Safari experience. It is truly one-of-a-kind and is the highlight of many people's safaris. The aim of our camp is to access remote areas in the easiest manner possible while maintaining high levels of comfort. Our camp is designed to fit on a small trailer that can easily be towed in to the bush, allowing for movement as the animals move.

Tents are 3-man dome style tents that are easy to set-up with plenty of floor space for two people. It is great for a good nights rest in a really remote area. Sleeping is on comfy 4-inch mattresses on the ground and the bedding is cotton covered duvets and cotton sheets.

Cheetah Spotting at Sayari Camp, Serengeti

3 km

from herd

Sayari Camp

$ 753

per person per night

When Sayari Camp opened in 2005 it blazed a trail in Tanzania, allowing safari travellers to access one of the most dramatic and under-explored corners of the northern Serengeti. Today, this upmarket Serengeti lodge is one of the finest in Africa, offering luxurious lodgings in some of the best Big Five countries on the continent.

The remote and starkly beautiful landscape forms the inspiration for Sayari, with the turret-shaped roofs on each of the 15 expansive tented suites mirroring the iconic Turner Hill to the north. Indoors, rich mahogany floors and delicate tones of sand, stone and acacia reflect the views washing in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

En-suite bathrooms, with spacious showers and egg-shaped baths large enough for two, offer similarly impressive Serengeti views. Fine linens and safari-chic décor offset the wilderness that lies just beyond the canvas walls, with king-size beds and private verandas to complete the world-class experience.

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3 km

from herd

Kimondo Camp

$ 714

per person per night

Like the herds of antelope that have made the Serengeti the most famous wilderness region on earth, Kimondo is a traveller. As the seasons wax and wane so this migration camp crafted of wood and canvas follows the herds on their never-ending journey across the grasslands of East Africa.

From July to October home for Kimondo is near the sinuous Mara River on the famous Lamai Wedge, where massive herds brave the jaws of hungry Nile crocodiles. As winter eases and summer warms the land, the herds move south to calve in the lush grasslands of the southern Serengeti. As the herds move, so does Kimondo, to ensure you’re never far from the heart of the migration.

But unlike the thundering wildebeest, Kimondo – like its sought-after sister-camp Olakira – leaves no footprint behind. Entirely solar-powered, it’s a migration camp that touches the earth lightly while providing authentic luxury on the Serengeti plains. With just eight comfortable tents Kimondo offers an intimate safari experience; a sumptuous taste of how the early explorers discovered the wonders of East Africa.

From rich hand-woven rugs to burnished copper lanterns a sultry mix of Moroccan exoticism and East African safari romance resonates at Kimondo, where king-size cast-iron beds rest under canvas ceilings as the rustle of the savannah lulls you to sleep. Or leave sleep for a while and linger at the fireside, swopping tales of your day in Africa as the embers crackle up towards the Milky Way. Kimondo translates as ‘shooting star’ and in Tanzania’s crystal-clear skies you’ll be sure to see more than a few.

Lamai Serengeti Balcony View in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

8 km

from herd

Lamai Serengeti

$ 725

per person per night

Lamai Serengeti sits tucked amongst the rocks of Kogakuria Kopje with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, only a few miles from where the wildebeest cross the Mara River.  For roughly a quarter of the year, between late July and October, this is where you'll find the migration. Right here, on our doorstep! For the rest of the year, it is wild Serengeti with all the resident game of the Masai Mara but without the people.

Each of the rooms is designed to fit into the complex geometry of the kopje and to make the most of this sensational location,  its views and its natural space and light. The rooms are a blend of canvas, plaster and natural poles.

Guests enjoyong the View at Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

9 km

from herd

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

$ 541

per person per night

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge is remotely located in the Wogakuria Hills of the Northern Serengeti. A scenic region characterized by grassy rolling hills, open woodland, and tree-lined watercourses, it is a habitat that attracts wildlife throughout the year. Lemala Kuria Hills is in close proximity to the Mara River on the Serengeti’s border with Kenya’s Maasai Mara, so is also within the main corridor of the world-famous wildebeest migration between July and October.

The lodge offers unrivalled luxury and sophistication, where you can choose to either relax in style or enjoy the Northern Serengeti’s excellent game viewing (without the crowds) with our superb guides in open 4x4 vehicles. Large  granite boulders and kopjes are the prominent features of  Lemala  Kuria  Hills, and each of the  15 spacious,  glass-fronted tented suites have been discreetly set amongst the giant rocks to ensure maximum privacy and spectacular views from the open decks. Each suite has an elegant and contemporary design, with comfortable, modern interiors enhanced by authentic African touches. The public areas are dominated by magnificent kopjes, and guests can enjoy the broad views of the grasslands from the bar, sitting and dining areas and swimming pool. 

There are several dining options at the lodge or out in the bush, and delicious meals include a choice of starters, main courses, desserts and house drinks. Afternoon tea is served before your game drive, and cocktails at sunset are taken on one of the kopjes with distant views of the Isuria Escarpment in the Maasai Mara. The Melengali Spa is in a separate tent where you can indulge in massages and manicures in a peaceful, natural setting