A relaxing safari in Tanzania

Wildlife safaris are not known to be particularly relaxing. While you often get an afternoon siesta and even some spa time if you’re fortunate enough to be staying in a fancy lodge, the early morning starts and many hour spent rattling and rolling along rutted game drive tracks can take their toll. Similarly, while trekking and climbing mountains tick all the active and adventurous boxes, these activities cannot be classed as relaxation in anyone’s books.

Relaxing on one of Tanzania's idyllic beaches is as easy as it gets

Tropical islands are the quintessential relaxed holiday destination and thankfully Tanzania is blessed with a plethora of beachside options from Asilia’s Rubondo Island Camp and Malaika Beach Resort on the shores of Lake Victoria to the charismatic Indian Ocean ‘Spice Islands’ of the Zanzibar archipelago. The ultimate getaway-from-it-all itinerary would contain a handpicked selection of relaxed island resorts with Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia all featuring prominently. In fact, Mafia’s sublime Pole Pole Bungalows, restful Butiama Beach and the tree houses of Chole Mjini Lodge are all highly recommended if beachside relaxation is your preference and priority.

Pole Pole Bungalows is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing holiday

Popular Tanzania Safaris

These popular itineraries can be customised to match your budget and travel dates

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Rwanda gorillas and the migration, both sides of the Mara River

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9-day HerdTracker June/July great migration safari

If the great migration is on your travel bucket list, then this…

Pel's Fishing Owl in flight

The Selous Game Reserve and Pel’s fishing owl

Explore the Selous Game Reserve and Stiegler's Gorge by 4x4,…

Wildebeest Migration

The Migration River Crossings July to September

Experience one of Africa's greatest spectacles – smell the…

Stopping for drinks

Wet season Tanzania - best value migration safari

From Lake Manyara to the Ngorogoro Crater and the Serengeti,…

Migration Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

See the beauty of nature's greatest wildlife spectacle on one…

Tanzania migration safari with HerdTracker

Join HerdTracker on a Tanzania migration safari in the…

The wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

HerdTracker Serengeti wildebeest migration safari

Experience the wildebeest migration in Tanzania's Serengeti…

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