Dining in Tanzania

Tanzanian cuisine is both unique and incredibly varied with a strong Indian influence permeating many of the dishes. Along the coast and throughout the Zanzibar archipelago spicy foods are common with coconut being a leading ingredient. Regions of Tanzania’s mainland also have their own unique local foods. Some typical mainland Tanzanian foods include: wali (rice), ugali (maize porridge), chapatti (a kind of tortilla), nyama choma (grilled meat), mshikaki (marinated beef), samaki (fish), pilau briyani and ndizi-nyama (plantains with meat). Vegetables commonly used in Tanzania include: bamia (okra), mchicha (a kind of spinach), njegere (green peas), maharage (beans), and kisamvu (cassava leaves). Tanzania produces at least 17 different types of bananas, which are used for soups, stews and chips.

Grace Shop in Dar es Salaam is one of the best for traditional Tanzanian cuisine  I  Credit: Migrationology

Tipping lodge staff and drivers/guides is customary for good service on a Tanzania safari, but check first to see whether a service charge has already been added to your bill. Tipping is always in addition to the price quoted by your tour operator or travel agent, and the gratuity amount varies according to the size of your group, the level of luxury of the safari, and your assessment of the quality of service rendered. In major Tanzania cities, a 10 percent tip is customary in restaurants and bars when a service charge has not been included.

A meal in the Africa bush

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