The cultures of Botswana

Travellers greeting local Batswana will notice that the spoken “dumela rra/mma” (man/woman) is accompanied by a handshake with the right hand while the left hand moves to gently grasp one’s own right forearm. This greeting is commonly shared between local people, and tourists are welcome to take part in the tradition.

The people of Botswana are friendly and vibrant

A large number of people from Botswana and indeed southern Africa belong to a religion called Zionism, which is based on a fusion of African traditions and the Christian faith. Members of the ZCC (Zion Christian Church), by religious guidance, do not eat pork, drink alcohol, or consume drugs, while some solely consume the white meat of chicken and fish, eradicating red meat from their diets altogether. Zionists can be recognised by some items of clothing, which on days of worship consist mostly of yellow and green, while most members often wear a lapel or badge of green cloth adorned with a metal badge indicating which branch of the church they belong to. Men also wear hats to indicate their religious affiliation.

Furthermore, it is not alignment with the Batswana custom to wash other peoples’ undergarments, and guests at lodges will notice that a laundry service is provided for all items of clothing with the exclusion of personal underwear.

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