Kubu Island in Botswana

The baobabs on Kubu Island

Kubu Island on Ntwetwe pan is the setting for the region’s greatest cultural mystery. The ‘island’ is nothing more than a rocky outcrop protruding from the crusty white pan, from which is sprouted several gnarly baobabs. It is beautiful in a rugged, enigmatic way, made more so by the presence of puzzling relics and ruins that litter the arid hillside. Artifacts found on the side of the lake appear to date from early Stone Age times, over 100 000 years ago, right up to recent decades. Some researchers have suggested that the island may have been used for ancient rainmaking ceremonies, with its protruding rocks being the highest point in the area. Because human settlers could not have survived out here without water, the island was most likely inhabited when it was still surrounded by a giant lake, or at least several wetter pans fed by other watercourses, reached by boat. Perhaps it would have been teeming with fish, crocodiles and hippo

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