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Botswana Honeymoon Safari

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Botswana Honeymoon Safari

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By Antoinette Booyse

Safari Travel Planner

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What better way to celebrate love than on a Botswana honeymoon safari? Just the two of you in the African bush with a private candlelit dinner on your veranda and wildlife passing by. The country is home to some of the most diverse and pristine wilderness areas in Africa, with an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty that will leave you in awe.

The combination of luxury and adventure makes for an unforgettable honeymoon experience. The tranquility and serenity of being in the middle of the wilderness with your loved one is an experience that will stay with you forever.

When to go on a honeymoon Safari in Botswana

The most popular time to visit Botswana for a honeymoon would be during the dry season, from about May to October. Days are warmer with clear skies.

With less rain, the vegetation is not as lush, and it’s easier to spot wildlife. The animals tend to concentrate around the water sources, and this tends to become an action-packed area. However, with the popular season, the number of visitors to Botswana increases, camps can be full, and some sections of the park can feel a little crowded.

Hugging couple looking at elephant herd drinking from waterhole. Adventure and wildlife safari in Africa. People traveling concept.
Adventure and wildlife safari in Africa.

Traveling during the wet season during a honeymoon in Botswana is a great time to travel if you don’t mind a rain shower or two. The parks are quieter and lodges offer great prices and value-adds.

Showers occur mainly in the afternoon and will have little impact on your Botswana safari vacation. The bush is lush and green. With water comes new life, and you’ll see plenty of newborns. This would also be the time for migrating birds to visit.

Where to travel on a honeymoon in Botswana

The most popular route traveled in Botswana during a safari would include visiting the Chobe National Park, the Okavango Delta, and the Kalahari. The Chobe National Park is known for its large herds of elephants and cruising along the Chobe River while spotting hippos and crocodiles.

Mokoro adventures in the Okavango Delta
Mokoro adventures in the Okavango Delta

The famous Victoria Falls is also only a short two-hour drive from the Chobe National Park and is a great day visit should you be staying a little longer. The sparkling waterways of the Okavango Delta are a must-see when on a Botswana honeymoon safari. The channels create mazes and paths through the wet bush, forming small islands.

These channels are great for exploring in a mokoro, and the islands are ideal for bush walks. The destination often forgotten is the Kalahari. Magical red sand is the home to many desert-adapted animals, including the Black-maned lions.

Accommodation on a honeymoon safari in Botswana

Botswana has you spoiled for choice when choosing your accommodation for your Botswana honeymoon safari and features the option of luxury tents with white linen and mosquito nets draping the beds.

Honeymooning Lodging in Botswana | Photo credits: andbeyond, Nxabega Tented Suite
Honeymooning Lodging in Botswana | Photo credits: andbeyond, Nxabega Tented Suite

Some even have an outdoor bath to enjoy after an early morning activity and watch the wildlife pass by as you unwind. There’s also an option to sleep under the African skies. Just wheel your bed out onto your deck and fall asleep with the night sounds of the African bush and the stars shining overhead.

Which activities to include on a honeymoon safari in Botswana

Just as you’re spoiled for choice by the different accommodation options in Botswana, you’ll also have a variety of activities to choose from while honeymooning In Botswana. Game drives, either early morning or afternoon, would be available in most areas throughout Botswana. You drive out as the sun rises, catching the wildlife as they start their day.

Some of the more unique ways of exploring Botswana would be cruising the Chobe River or exploring the waterways of the Okavango Delta in a mokoro. Cruise the Chobe river on your Botswana honeymoon as the cool breeze offers relief from the hot African Sun. Here you get to indulge in each other’s peaceful company as you watch elephants enjoy the refreshing waters and crocodiles lurking around.

Xugana Island Lodge activities | Photo credits: Xugana Island

There is just something romantic about flying. Why not take to the sky on your Botswana safari honeymoon? Not only can you view the beautiful landscapes below as you board your scheduled flight between camps, but you can also spoil your loved one with a romantic early morning hot air balloon safari.

Wake up before the sun rises as you’re transported to the launch site. Here you get to see the beautiful colorful balloon fill up with hot air as you sip your coffee before jumping aboard. With the sun rising over the landscapes and the wildlife stretching as their day begins, this promises a fantastic start to your day.

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