Five reasons to visit Mozambique

23 March 2017
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Situated on the east coast of southern Africa, Mozambique is one of Africa’s premier beach destinations. Boasting palm-fringed beaches, an endless string of offshore reefs; if you’re looking for relaxation, then Mozambique should definitely be on your travel wishlist. 

If you’re keen to taste and experience Mozambique's unique mix of culture, sand and sea, here are five reasons to go on a Mozambique safari.

1. Africa’s greatest wildlife restoration story

Mozambique is home to the Gorongosa National Park, a park which was once a successful park that got reduced in size and wildlife to gain more farming land.

Now, the park has been extended once again and the number of wildlife has grown with it. According to Gorongosa, scientists see this national park as a hotspot of biodiversity and as one of the most unique national parks in the world.

2. Lago Niassa

Lago Niassa is a great African lake located between Malawi and Tanzania. In Malawi, it’s known as Lake Malawi and in Tanzania it’s known as Lake Nyasa.

It is the ninth largest lake in the world and the third largest and second deepest lake in Africa.

3. Outstanding marine life


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According to Mozambique Resorts, this country is internationally renowned for having stunning marine life, with the coast surrounded by coral reefs and a great diversity of species, from a variety of sharks, to whales and dolphins.

4. The Indian Ocean coastline

Mozambique's beaches stretch across 2 500 kilometers of pure Indian Ocean coastline. Tofo beach and Bazaruto, two of Mozambique’s most visited beaches are even mentioned in a list of the 25 best African beaches according to CNN Travel.

5. Mozambique’s cuisine and Portuguese influence

Mozambique is famous for its cuisine. You can expect flavourful food influenced by the Portuguese who colonized Mozambique for hundreds of years. This can be seen by the use of the Portuguese peri-peri sauce along with Mozambique’s fresh seafood.

Mozambique is a wonderful honeymoon destination or for those travelling with children. No matter where in the country you visit, there are surprises around every turn. Include this destination in your safari itinerary here

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