Vaccinations for Botswana

There are no mandatory vaccinations required for entering Botswana, but it is important to consider the surrounding countries that might require vaccinations if travellers will be crossing borders during their stay, e.g. Victoria Falls. Zambia requires a vaccination against Yellow Fever. Regarding hepatitis and tetanus; vaccinations are not required, but travellers are encouraged to consult their medical doctors for advice in these areas.

The same applies for malaria prophylaxis: it is not essential, but it is advised that visitors get an opinion from their doctors. It is suggested that travellers spending time in high risk areas (towns and areas where a high human density can be found) consult their doctors for a prescription of Coartem to use for the treatment of malaria. It is not a preventative, but if malaria is diagnosed, it can be treated within 5 days to a week using Coartem. The disadvantage of taking malaria prophylaxis to prevent contracting malaria altogether is that it can have negative side effects, which can last for the entirety of the dose and have an unwelcome impact on a long awaited and expensive holiday.