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Cape Town's wind-free suburb

Stay in luxury accommodation on the city's Atlantic seaboard, sheltered from the winds that famously buffet the rest of the city.

Bantry Bay is a very small suburb at the foot of Lion's Head, wedged between the beautiful beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay on one side and Sea Point, with its broad, paved promenade, on the other. It's an affluent suburb, mostly residential, giving travellers the peace and quiet of suburban life while being conveniently close to some of Cape Town's best attractions. 

Apart from the luxury hotels on the seafront, with their views of rocky shores and the Atlantic Ocean, Bantry Bay has many upmarket self-catering apartments that are serviced daily. Grocery stores are within walking distance, giving travellers the option to cook for themselves or enjoy a night in instead of spending every evening out on the town.

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Bantry Bay has the best little spots to sit on the rocks at sunset. It's always nice and quiet here.

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But if you want to go out and explore the city, taxis are ready and waiting at your doorstep during the day and evening. Restaurants, bars, cafe's and lounges are only five minutes away and the V&A Waterfront only 15. Bantry Bay is a great place to base yourself if you want to be close to all Cape Town's attractions without having to worry about the crowds and the noise once you get back home.

The best part of Bantry Bay, of course, is that it's known as the suburb with the least amount of wind. The bay's curves shelter it and the people living here claim to have about 290 wind-free days per year – a significant fact given Cape Town's windy climate.

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