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Herds could arrive early at Ndutu

29 Oct 2014 by Lemala Camps

Morning Carel, we drove to Seronera from Kuria and we bumped into the herds as they are moving south from Bolagonja to Mbuzi Mawe and Four Seasons areas, there seems to be herds spread out from Moru in the south west to Barafu and Masai kopjes in the east and into Loliondo to the east of the Serengeti, it seems that there might be some of the herds going through to Piyaya to the south-east of the Serengeti on the NCA border. It seems that the herds could again be at Ndutu early this year. Keep well Veronica, Lemala Camps

Wildebeest migration heading to Lobo - Video by Lemala Camps
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