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Heading north, Four Seasons Serengeti has a waterhole

16 Mar 2015 by Four Seasons Safari Lodge

Hi Carel,

With no rain for weeks, the central Serengeti seems to be getting really very dry and the grass is becoming shorter and yellower every day. 

Over the past three or four days we have been seeing larger and larger herds of zebra and wildebeest around Four Seasons, and this morning the lines of wildebeest that have been feeding around the lodge and running past our villas, started congregating in large numbers at our waterhole, quite a site for our guests to enjoy the migration from the comfort of the lodge - and pool!


Wildebeest at the waterhole - Image by Oliver Dreike
Wildebeest close to the Four Seasons - Image by Oliver Dreike
Wildebeest outside the Four Seasons - Image by Oliver Dreike
The central Serengeti is drying out - Image by Oliver Dreike