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discoverafrica 19 July 2018
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Two of our most popular Southern Africa destinations are pitted against one another so that you can choose a safari adventure that is perfect for you.

A South Africa safari means bush, beach and vibrant cities, while Namibia’s isolated and vast landscapes offer seclusion, a reconnection with nature and more than enough adventure.  

Take a look at our brief comparison below:

South Africa


  • All of the Big Five mammals
  • Game-viewing all year round
  • Over 900 bird species
  • Four of the Big Five (no buffalo)
  • Unique desert-adapted mammals such as the oryx, elephant and black-maned lion
  • Over 600 bird species
  • Excellent wildlife photography
  • Superb landscape photography 
Type of traveller
  • Honeymooners
  • Family travel
  • Solo travellers
  • Foodies
  • LGBT travel
  • Best for group tours
  • Active and adventure travellers
  • Couples looking for romantic seclusion
  • Multiple five-star luxury accommodation
  • Service excellence
  • More variety for your budget
  • Plenty of family-friendly accommodations
  • Secluded, intimate accommodation for budget or medium-budget safaris
  • Remote; so travel is tricky if not on a self-drive tour. Fly-in services can be pricey
  • Camping is the most budget-friendly option. Facilities are excellent and safe
Language, culture and history
  • Almost everyone speaks and understands English
  • Robust cultural and political history
  • Small percentage of English speakers
  • Colonial German dialects and the South African-originated Afrikaans are most widely spoken


  • Geared more towards bush and beach safaris
  • Robust and diverse city experiences


  • Self-drive safaris are the easiest and possibly most enjoyable safari option
Best time to travel
  • Year-round based on your budget
  • Climate varies significantly from region to region
  • June to October for favourable weather conditions
  • Better transport infrastructure so multiple destination safaris are common
  • Self-drive, luxury train and fly-in travel is best
Malaria risk
  • Most regions are malaria-free except the Kruger National Park and surrounds
  • Medium to low risk in most regions, except the northern Caprivi Strip close to Botswana as well as near the Angolan border































Take your pick: 



Bespoke safaris for your budget

The factors that will determine your safari costs are:

  • Length of stay
  • Level of accommodation
  • Seasonality
  • Multiple-country travel

You can customise your safari to suit your budget and we'll gladly create the safari package of your dreams. Talk to us here

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