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Botswana in November

discoverafrica 09 February 2018

November is slowly becoming a very popular month for tourist to visit and enjoy moments in Botswana. It is placed at the edge that marks the end of the dry season where most of the tourism visits happen. This is specifically for tourists who visit or plan to visit the great national parks in the country because it marks the beginning of the green season.

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Weather and climate

Though the climate of the land is generally semi-arid, November marks the beginning of summers that run through to March. November is marked by a high temperatures but this is put under control by summer rains that the country experiences. During the month the humidity is seen to fluctuate between 80-30 percent in the morning and afternoon respectively.

What wildlife can be seen?

Being the end of winter, much of the activity that is during winter finds its way into November. Much of the animals and wildlife is seen during the dry season, during the month of November you can easily spot newborns. Migratory birds are also common during this time and can easily be seen. Animals like the bigs cat are also bountiful. Most of the animals enjoy the morning sun and this is the time to maximize as a tourist.

What to pack

The peak season for the tourists is just coming to an end and there are many free hotels and this translates to cheap accommodation due to reduced demand. Remember to consider keeping yourself warm by carrying with you warm clothes that will be used as you visit the parks. Being a rainy season, a rain jacket will be of added advantage.

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