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Botswana in August

discoverafrica 09 February 2018

Botswana is a magical country that beats with the heart of Africa. Experience it for yourself to see why it leaves such an indelible mark.

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Weather and climate

The climate for Botswana is semi-arid. In Botswana in August the night temperatures are often drier and in some areas it can get to a freezing point. In the morning don’t be surprised by the chilly temperature. In the course of the day the temperature tends to heat up rapidly and the sky is commonly clear and blue and in the evening the temperature is cool. This time of the year is often a peak seasoning for game viewing because the animals tend to assemble in the water sources that are available and are few in numbers.

What wildlife can be seen?

There are varieties of wildlife that can be seen in Botswana in August and that will depend on the area that you visit. Some of the possible wildlife you can see includes lions, wild dogs, caracals, leopards, giraffes, cheetahs, hippopotami, Zebras, and antelope like impala, lechwe and Kudu. For you to be able to see a variety of wildlife especially in the dry season, the areas of Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta are recommended. Additionally,the Kalahari and the Makgadikgadi areas would also be suitable for viewing the wildlife. It is advised that you use a tour company that has experienced tour guides.

Lechwe in Moremi Game Reserve 

Best activities

Apart from game viewing, you can also partake in a number of activities. You can ride a Mokoro, dugout canoes, in the Okavango Delta. The Mokoro is made from hardwood such as ebony and is propelled using a pole. You will be able to see bathing elephants and hippos. Moremi Game Reserve islands and lagoons can also be seen if you have a map of the area.

What to pack

When you are planning for a safari in Botswana in August then you must have the travel documents required. You have to pack a number of things and that will also depend on the number of days you are to take. Importantly, there are not a number of places where you can keep your belongings or buy the necessities you forgot as most of the areas are remote. And if you are in Botswana and you are using a light charter plane make sure that the weight of your belongings is under 20kgs.

Neutral colored clothing is recommended, don’t carry clothes that are bright and of course white.

Have a scarf, warm jacket, trousers, shorts, underwear, socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, insect repellant,sunglasses,sunscreen, malaria medication,camera,binoculars,water bottle,flashlight, battery chargers and comfortable and sturdy shoes among others.

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