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Pass through Namibia

Walvis Bay tours & holiday packages

Gateway to the Namib Desert

Surf some sand dunes, indulge in fresh seafood and cruise on a catamaran to see the local marine wildlife.

Walvis Bay is often overshadowed by her nearby neighbour, Swakopmund. She does not have the wide streets, lined with impressive German architecture and arcades filled with African curios. What she does have is an international airport and a lagoon that attracts water sports fanatics and foodies from all over the world.

The lagoon is home to marine wildlife like dolphins, Cape fur seals, pelicans and flamingoes.One of the best ways to experience the indigenous marine life is on a chartered catamaran boat. There are few things as exhilarating as cruising on the lagoon, with a flock of pelicans flying in tandem next to the boat.

The nutrient-rich waters of the lagoon is also ideal for cultivating oysters, and most catamaran tours include an oyster platter, freshly harvested and shucked. Forget about condiments like Tabasco sauce and lemon juice, these juicy giants are best served with a dash of black pepper to compliment the saltiness of the sea water, knocked back and followed up with a sip of very dry white or sparkling wine.

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Carla Lewis-Balden says

The best oysters I've ever had in my life was in Walvis Bay. I went out on a catamaran cruise on the lagoon and the captain of the boat harvested them fresh from his little patch of sea. He shucked them and served them "naked", no sauces or garnishes, only the taste of pure ocean. I washed them down with a dry South African sparkling wine; to this day it's one of the best culinary experiences I have had in Africa.

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Walvis Bay is also situated close to some of the highest sand dunes in the world. Visitors can experience a 4x4 or quad-biking safari on the sand dunes, or race down the slip face of the dune on a dune board.

It's often the base for 4x4 companies that conduct self-drive 4x4 tours into the desert, due to it's proximity to the dune belts of the Namib Desert. Swakopmund is less than half and hour's drive from Walvisbay. The Spitzkoppe, a group of granite peaks is about a two and a half hour's drive away and can be done as a day trip excursion, if you leave early.

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What kinds of animals will I see on safari?

Whether you are in the Southern or East Africa you will generally be able to see the big five. The difference really comes in when considering antelope as they are based on your chosen location. go there.

What vaccinations should I get?

This is all dependant on the countries that you will be visitng and due to the status of certain vaccinations changing at times, please consult our experts before getting vaccines. go there.

Is it okay to drink the water?

In some parts of Southern Africa it is safe to drink the tap water, however it is highly recommended to stick to bottled water (mostly supplied) during your trip as even drinkable African water is completely different in taste and… go there.

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