Quad biking in Botswana

A Kalahari quad-biking adventure should be on the bucket list of all daring adrenalin seekers. Revving through the isolated moon-like vistas of the Makgadikgadi gives travellers the luxury of disconnecting with time and space. On a multi-day trip, riders can sprawl out beneath the stars in the evening, blissfully cocooned in comfy bedrolls. These extended trips can also include stopovers at Kubu Island (during winter season) and Chapman’s baobab.

Quad biking in Botswana is a favourite amongst adventurers

Many safari operators in the area offer quad biking, including more budget friendly places like the wonderfully quirky Planet Baobab. If sleeping under the stars excites you but quad biking doesn’t, Meno a Kwena offers beautiful sleep out excursions.

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