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Where do we get our information? 

We spend a lot of time gathering relevant data to keep your east Africa migration safari authentic. We are proud to be the first safari company to provide you with this information, based on firsthand experience and affiliate partners. Meet our Great Migration informants: 

  • Our affiliate camps and game rangers
  • You, our clients 

Our guests provide us with live feedback on their trip, which helps to validate the authenticity of our project. This contribution to our database is invaluable. 

We would like to thank everyone who is involved in providing us with continual and relevant data that has made Herdtracker such a great success. 

Wildebeest jumping into the Mara River

What to expect and where to stay each month of the year

Many people think that the great wildebeest migration only happens once a year, but the migration is in fact an all-year-round event -- with each time of year offering a unique widlife experience.

Select a month below to find out what each month offers in terms of weather, wildlife, migratory movements, predator interactions, river crossings and where the best place to stay is, to get the most out of your trip to see the great wildebeest migration.

Our Recommended Migration Safaris

The herds are moving constantly, and therefore we recommend you look at one of these itineraries and decide what you would like to see and do on your trip. Then contact us so that we can customise it based on the migration seasonality

Green Season Wildebeest Migration Safari (11 days)

This four-in-one calving season safari includes not only the Serengeti, but Tarangire, Lake Manyara and the Ngorogoro Crater

Wildebeest Migration, Ngorongoro & Zanzibar Journey (12 days)

This blockbuster Tanzania safari will show you the best of the country's outstanding wildlife and the beach paradise of Zanzibar

Tanzania July to October Great Migration Safari with HerdTracker (9 days)

The wildebeest migration, is one of the “Seven New Wonder of the World” and also known as The World Cup of Wildlife. If there is a safari you should go on, this has to be it!

Migration Safari in Kenya and Tanzania (8 days)

See the beauty of nature's greatest wildlife spectacle in two countries

Wildebeest Migration Safari in Tanzania (11 days)

This tour is designed to allow maximum exposure to the Great Wildebeest Migration

HerdTracker July/October Great Wildebeest Migration safari

The movement takes place in Tanzania, which covers Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha and Tarangire National Park

What people say about traveling with us

Discover Africa and Carel has put in such an effort for us to experience the annual wildebeest migration, meticulous planning and accurate predictions with logical and the best accommodation options both sides of the Mara River guaranteed us crossings, we did manage to see the herds cross on the Serengeti side and again on the Masai Mara side, it felt good that they had this covered! Thanks Carel, we see you next year – Jates and Hil

Jates and Hil Oettle
from South Africa visited Serengeti and Masai Mara - August 2013

What an incredible experience, we knew that people really want to see the river crossings, but Carel convinced us to travel during end January early February this year, we arrived on the plains at Ndutu almost as the herds arrived so we could not have timed it better - so much interaction and it is impossible to comprehend without seeing it for yourself – we will see you again – Thanks so much, Chris

Chris Ahlgren
from USA visited Serengeti - 2014

Find out where the wildebeest migration is right now with HerdTracker

HerdTracker is a real time Google map showing weekly updates of the wildebeest migration's precise location.

The updates are accurate, sourced weekly from pilots who fly over the Serengeti, safari guides on the ground, Tanzania National Parks Authority rangers and lodges in the Masai Mara in Kenya.

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