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Zebra at Seronera, herds move towards permanent water sources

24 Feb 2015 by Lemala Camps

Morning Carel,

We drove from Ewanjan to Ndutu and was surprised with the numbers around Seronera, it seems that some of the herds opted for the more permanent water supply of the Seronera river system, a surprise to have them up with us this time of year.

It seems that if we don't have significant rain down south that we might have a breakup of the herds in general with some moving back up to Seronera and or Lobo, some heading deep into Maswa and the Western Corridor, others staying around the Ndutu marshes and even towards Gol and Piyaya.

Keep well,
Veronica, from Wildwaters Uganda :-)

Zebra in Seronera - Image by Lemala Camps
The herds in Seronera and Lobo - Image by Lemala Camps
Things are drying up in Seronera and Lobo - Image by Lemala Camps
Zebra close to a waterhole - Image by Lemala Camps