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Botswana in October

09 February 2018

Botswana formerly known as Bechuanaland is one of the best travel destinations in Africa. It is a politically stable country with a population of 2 million people. Its citizens are very hospitable with high standards of living, and the country is full of very exhilarating attractions which attract tourists from every corner of the world.

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Weather and climate

To enjoy the best of Botswana’s attractions, the best time to visit the country is in October since this is the high season in the country. At this time, the country is very dry with little or no rain at all during the entire winter. The country gets very hot at this time of the year with an average temperature of around (38 degrees/100 degrees F) and low humidity of about 20-40%. For Botswana in October, the mornings and nights get very cold therefore; it is advisable to pack warm clothing.

Even though the big game safaris are the most famous and popular attractions in Africa to most tourists, for Botswana it is more than just the wildlife. It has the most breathtaking sites in the world. When you visit Botswana in October the wildlife is easier to spot because of less vegetation at this time of the year and the animals concentrate around water bodies like rivers and waterholes.

Botswana takes wildlife adventures to a completely new level. It is the home to all kinds of species right from elephants, rhinos, endangered animals like the aquatic antelopes and wild dogs, buffalo, exotic birds and the big cats - leopards, lions, cheetahs. The country is simply a marvelous travel destination.

The following are the top five best things to do in Botswana in October:

  • Canoe Ride at the Okavango Delta
  • While floating on the Okavango Delta riding a traditional canoe, you will be able to see Botswana’s wildlife with their daily drama. The Delta has also some of the most luxurious lodges to relax after a long day.
  • Mountain Bike Riding at the Mashatu Game Reserve
  • As you ride a mountain bike on the mountainous game reserve, you can enjoy exploring the beautiful landscape, taking pictures of the elephants as they eat grass and visit the local villages like the Serowe to get an insight of their culture. A helicopter tour gives you the best view of the Reserve that is exhilarating.
  • Visit Chobe National Park
  • Enjoy an affordable boat trip in a sublime mix of relaxation with a safari along the Chobe River, while at the same time viewing all the wildlife. Later enjoy a stay in one of the many riverside lodges.
  • Take a road trip across Botswana
  • To enjoy all the fun in Botswana, a road trip across the country simply fulfills the desire in terms of the many wilderness experiences and safari. Drive along the Kalahari Highway starting just below the Okavango to enjoy the abundance .of wildlife and fascinating ecosystem.

Visit Lake Ngami

The lake is considered phenomena and the most mysterious lakes to ever exist. It was discovered by Dr. Livingstone in 1949 and then disappeared only to reappear later in the 19th Century. It has since repeated this process of appearing and disappearing ever since and last it appeared was in 2000. The lake is home to different species of exotic birds such as the flamingos, ibises, storks, eagles and Kingfishers. If you love birds, then Lake Ngami is the place to be before it vanishes again.

It is evident that there is no limit to the unforgettable experiences to enjoy in Botswana on the month of October. Whether it is the wildlife or the landscape, Botswana will certainly leave your spirit of adventure satisfied for life.


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