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Botswana in March

discoverafrica 09 February 2018

Botswana is a remarkable safari destination in Africa offering visitors extraordinary and unique experiences. It boasts a great population of big cats, the highest elephant population on the continent, many bird species, and loads of things to do for everyone. You can plan to visit this fantastic country any time of the year. Below you will learn what to expect should you opt to visit Botswana in March to make lifelong memories.

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Weather and climate

Summer usually comes to an end in March with rains dropping off and temperatures cooling down. It is a wet month with grey days, but you can also look forward to some sunny and bright days because rainstorms are typically confined to the afternoons.

Wildlife to see

As the rains ease, game viewing heads to the mid-year peak where wildlife return to more accessible dry-season areas. Bird watchers have a blast at this time because there is a massive presence of a diversity of bird species since migratory birds favor en masses by the rain. Many newborn impala and Zebra also totter around with their mothers.

With the increase of these young ones, predator sightings can increase. Note that most wild animals may disperse because the rains avail more sources to drink water from. Dense bushes and taller grass may make it challenging to spot wildlife.

Best activities

Some of the most exciting activities to take part in Botswana in March would be taking a river cruise at Chobe National Park, it is one of the parks that has a considerable concentration of game including the big five. It gives guests an option of taking a river cruise that gets you closer to the animals and beauty the country has to offer.

A mokoro is a wooden dugout canoe that will take you through the shallow waters of Okavango Delta. Be on the lookout for hippos as you float through serene channels.

Visit Khama Rhino Sanctuary where you can see both the magnificent white and black rhino.

Enjoy a scenic flight. It lets you enjoy a birds-eye view of the vast natural wonderland where you can also spot game from above.

Khama Rhino Sanctuary

What to pack

When planning to explore Botswana in March, it is recommended that you carry lightweight long-length clothing with closed wrists and ankles where possible. Carry something warm in case it becomes cold. It is because mosquitoes are prevalent in damp areas particularly close to rivers and lakes. You can carry malaria medication as advised by your doctor. Do not forget personal hygiene items and things like binoculars, camera, and hats that make safaris more interesting.

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