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20 of the Best Wildlife Webcams in Africa

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Susan Swanepoel

Author: Susan Swanepoel - 16 September 2021

Last Update: 6 May 2024

Go on a virtual safari adventure and witness the untamed beauty of Africa’s wildlife with our comprehensive list of 20 exceptional wildlife webcams. From the comfort of your home, you can now explore the diverse ecosystems of Africa, ranging from the bustling waterholes of South Africa’s game reserves to the tranquil landscapes of Kenya’s national parks.

These live-streaming cameras offer an unfiltered glimpse into the daily lives of Africa’s most iconic animals, including the majestic Big Five. Whether you’re an avid wildlife enthusiast or simply seeking a unique way to connect with nature, these African webcams provide a window to the African bush, live and unscripted.

1. Madikwe Game Reserve

Webcam Location: Tau Game Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

Info: Live streaming webcam showing African wildlife at Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa. The webcam is located at a waterhole near Tau Game Lodge.

Closest Accommodation: Tau Game Lodge

2. Djuma Waterhole

Webcam Location: This HD live webcam stream takes you to Djuma Private Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Info: This camera watches over Gowrie Dam on Djuma Game Reserve, in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, South Africa. This is the oldest waterhole cam in Africa and the world. It’s been broadcasting LIVE from this spot since 1998.

Closest Accommodation: Sabi Sands lodge

3. Safari Live Webcam

Webcam Location: Djuma Game Reserve, Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Mpumalanga Province in South Africa and Maasai Mara in Kenya

Info: Streaming safari game drives on some of the top game reserves in South Africa. Accompany expert game rangers in real-time as they travel around the reserves giving live commentary. These real-time safaris take place twice a day.
The sunrise safari starts at 6:30 am local time and the sunset safari is at 15:00. They are usually filmed on Djuma Game Reserve, Tswalu, Chitwa-Chitwa and Ngala Game Reserve.

4. Rosie’s Pan Wildlife Webcam

Webcam Location: Balule Nature Reserve, Limpopo Province, South Africa

Info: Live streaming webcam showing African wildlife in Balule Nature Reserve, South Africa. The webcam is located at Rosie’s Pan, a waterhole where the animals come to drink.

The closest accommodation option: Inyati Game Lodge

5. Nkohoro Lodge Wildlife Webcam

Webcam Location: Nkorho Bush Lodge, Sabi Sands, South Africa

Info: Live streaming webcam showing African wildlife at Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa. The webcam is located at Nkorho Bush Lodge.

Closest accommodation option: Singita Boulders lodge

6. Naledi Lodge Wildlife Webcam

Webcam Location: Naledi Lodge, close to Kruger National Park, South Africa

Info: Live streaming webcam showing African wildlife at a waterhole at Naledi Game Lodge, close to the Kruger National Park, in South Africa. The reserve holds high natural densities of Africa’s Big Five – elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion and leopard.

Closest Accommodation: Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

5. Kwa Maritane Game Lodge Live Stream

Webcam Location: Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa

Info: Live streaming webcam showing African wildlife at Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa. The webcam is located in front of Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge.

Closest Accommodation: Kwa Maritane Game Lodge

6. Elephant Pridelands Webcam

Webcam Location: Pridelands Conservancy, Limpopo Province, South Africa

Info: Live streaming webcam showing elephants and other African animals at Pridelands Conservancy in South Africa. The African wildlife webcam is focused on a waterhole where elephants are frequent visitors.

Closest Accommodation: Leopards Lair Bush lodge

7. Pilansberg National Park Wildlife Webcam

Webcam Location: Enjoy watching these African animals at Pilanesberg National Park, in South Africa.

Info: The moving live cameras with close-ups show you a few animals in their natural habitat, from the wildlife reserve also called Pilanesberg Game Reserve, within the province of North West, in South Africa.

Closest Accommodation: Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge

8. Tembe Wildlife Webcam

Webcam Location: Tembe Park is a 300-square-kilometre reserve, home to the largest elephants in Africa. It is situated between Zululand and Mozambique.

Info: Along with seeing these gentle giants, you can also spot the rest of the Big Five – lion, leopard, black and white rhino and buffalo. There is also the tiniest antelope, the Suni, and a spectacular variety of animals and over 340 bird species. The park consists mainly of closed woodland but offers a great diversity of vegetation, lying within a transition area between tropical and sub-tropical forms.

Closest Accommodation: Thonga Beach Lodge.

9. The Naledi Cat-EYE Live Stream

Webcam Location: Olifants West Game Reserve, South Africa

Info: This camera has been set up at the eye level of a leopard to give a unique view of the scale of the animals that frequent the waterhole.

Closest Accommodation: Sausage Tree Safari Camp

10. Kenya Wildlife Webcam

Webcam Location: Laikipia County, Kenya Watering hole

Info: Welcome to the watering hole at Mpala Research Centre in the highlands of central Kenya! Watch elephants, hippos, giraffes, Grevy’s zebras, gazelles, crocodiles, leopards and many other species take a drink (or a quick dip).

Closest Accommodation: Kicheche Laikipia

11. Kambaku Wildlife Reserve Live Stream

Webcam Location: This live cam provides an amazing view from their safari lodge garden area.

Info: Predators like leopards and cheetahs, jackals and brown hyenas as well as a species-rich bird life with ostriches, beautiful songbirds and birds of prey are roaming the savanna in the Kambaku Wildlife Reserve.

Closest Accommodation: Kambaku Safari Lodge

12. Ol Donya Lodge Kenya Webcam

Webcam Location: Enjoy the waterhole view from our Hidecam at ol Donyo Lodge under the shadow of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. ol Donyo Lodge, situated in the Chyulu Hills of southern Kenya.

Info: One should keep an eye out for fringe-eared oryx, giraffe, the resident warthog, stealthy cats that visit at night, and, if you are lucky, Africa’s largest tusked elephants.

Closest Accommodation: Ol Donya lodge

13. Gorilla Forest Eastern DRC Webcam

Webcam Location: GRACE Center, Kasugho, Eastern DRC

Info: Watch as the gorillas pass through, graze on vegetation, and maybe even make a nest for their overnight slumber.

Closest Accommodation: Kigali Serena Lodge

14. Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary Outdoor Camera

Webcam Location: Nelspruit, South Africa

Info: Live stream from the rhino rehabilitation boma at Care for Wild.

Closest Accommodation: Kruger National Park

15. Wildlife Live stream in the Namib Desert

Webcam Location: Namibia, Namib Desert.

Info: Complementing the magnificence of the Namib Desert’s never-ending red dunes, Namibia Cam’s waterhole lies within the Gondwana Namib Park – bordering the Namib Naukluft Park.

Closest Accommodation: Namib Desert Lodge

16. Penguin Colony Webcamera

Webcam Location: Betty’s Bay, South Africa

Info: This is the bay where you will see the penguins swim and walk on the beach. Also present in the colony are three species of cormorant; the Crowned cormorant, Cape cormorant and Bank cormorant, all of which breed on the outer rocks. There are also Hartlaub’s Gulls and Kelp Gulls which forage in the colony, while the Rock Hyrax, more commonly known as the Dassie, can be seen on the surrounding rocks.

17. Live Bird Camera Webcam

Location of webcam: A Garden in Pretoria, South Africa

Info: Live streaming birding webcam in South Africa. The webcam is located at a bird feeder in a suburban garden in Pretoria. Many species of birds can be seen including African hoopoes, black sunbirds, Cape glossy starlings, Cape Robins, blue waxbills, grey hornbills, forktail drongos barbets and many more.

18. African River Wildlife Webcam

Location of webcam: Laikipia County, Kenya

Info: Keep an eye out for elephants, giraffes, kudus and many other animals as they make their way to the watering hole, the fields behind it (known as Tranquility Glade) or Basking Beach.

19. Central Kenya Wildlife Webcam

Location of webcam: Mpala Research Centre, Kenya

Info: This live cam provides another view of the watering hole and river at Mpala Research Centre in central Kenya. Watch as animals come to drink and swim, and keep an eye on the Acadia trees lining the riverbank–they are home to vervet monkeys, olive baboons, and many birds.

20. Imagine Africa Luxury Tented Camp Wildlife Webcam

Location of webcam: Olifants West Nature Reserve, South Africa

Info: Enjoy this waterhole view from the luxury Imagine Africa Tented Camp as animals gather to cool themselves off from the harsh African sun.

Closest accommodation: Imagine Africa Luxury Tented Camp

Our journey through the wilds of Africa, courtesy of these 20 live wildlife webcams, brings us closer to nature’s wonders than ever before. Each camera, positioned in strategic locations across various reserves and national parks, offers a unique perspective on the natural world. From observing the intricate social structures of elephant herds to the stealthy prowling of big cats, these webcams provide an educational and inspiring experience for all ages. They remind us of the beauty and fragility of wildlife, encouraging conservation and a deeper appreciation of our planet’s biodiversity. Ready to go on a real safari tour? Contact us today to start planning.

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