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A fairly new activity to the African safari, camelback riding is an incredible experience 

Camelback safaris take place in northern Kenya's Laikipia county. This mode of transport was (and still is) used by the Arab traders and has filtered down to northern Kenya's Samburu and Turkana tribes. These gentle creatures have a soft nature as they quietly stroll through the arid landscape. Just like horseback riding, there is no disturbance to the wildlife on a camel safari. It's a great way to get closer to the animals.

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Special Five Safari in Kenya's Samburu (8 days)

Even if you've seen the Big Five and the Great Migration, you'll appreciate the different beauty of animals like reticulated giraffe, Grevy's zebra, gerenuk and bongo

$ 5,920

£ 4,781

R 102,489


per person

8 days

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There are a few lodges and camps that offer camelback safaris and they are traditionally found close to the northern frontier in Kenya's Samburu country. Camels have slowly moved further south and places as far as Cape Town also offer camel rides. Bear in mind that these won't be safaris, just rides through a nature reserve or park. Arusha in Tanzania is another place offering travellers camel rides. 

An area that's starting to thrive with camel rides is the regions close to the Sahara Desert and will be available soon is Chad's Zakouma National Park. 

It's easy to include a camelback ride or safari to an African itinerary - merely a question of picking the right accommodation options where they are offered. It's a brilliant way of exploring the area in a traditionally north African way and a great new perspective on wildlife and landscape.

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