Foodie holiday in Rwanda

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Rwanda is not a dedicated foodie destination, but there are plenty of opportunities to eat well in Kigali, and to a lesser extent Rubavu. French- and Belgian-influenced cuisine tends to dominate, but there are also plenty of good Indian, Italian, Chinese, fusion and even Ethiopian restaurants in Kigali. Elsewhere, upmarket tourists will tend to eat most meals at their lodge or camp, where standards vary from mediocre at to world-class.

Throughout Rwanda, local restaurants serve homegrown favourites such as goat kebabs (brochettes), grilled or fried tilapia fish, and bean or meat stews. These are normally eaten with ugali (a stiff maize meal porridge), matoke (stewed plantain), chapatti (flat bread) or boiled potatoes (often referred to as Irish potatoes), rice or fries.

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Relaxed holiday in Rwanda

Rwanda isn’t suited to a chill-out kind of holiday. It requires some effort to make the most of the country’s main highlights, and overall it is best suited to relatively active travellers. The closest thing to a real beach resort is Lake Kivu, but this is more the sort of place you would tag on to a longer visit than a reason to visit Rwanda in its own right.

An active adventure holiday in Rwanda

Rwanda is a perfect for active travellers. Highlights include gorilla tracking in the Virunga mountains, chimp tracking in Nyungwe National Park, and canoeing on the Mukungwa River. There are also the steep day or overnight hikes to the volcanic Virunga peaks, most notably the 4,507m Mount Karisimbi and the 3,711m Mount Bisoke. A diverse selection of hiking trails traverses the densely forested slopes Nyungwe National Park. Then there’s the scenic 227km Congo-Nile Trail, which runs…

Food and tipping in Rwanda

Kigali Serena Hotel Tipping is not standard at eateries or bars catering mainly to a local clientele, but that doesn’t mean a small something won’t be appreciated by the recipient. Tourist-oriented restaurants operate on a similar basis to those in Europe. A 10% tip to the waiter is standard, depending on the quality of service. Hotel porters usually expect a tip equivalent to around US$1 per item of luggage. Tip in local currency where possible; it may be quite difficult for…

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