Walking with Meerkats in Botswana

walking with meerkats is a great family safari experience

The Makgadikgadi Pans offers guests the incredible chance to spend a morning with a local meerkat colony. The meerkats respond to the non-threatening presence of people by simply carrying on with their daily activities, that consist mainly of rummaging the veld for scorpions and other tasty bites to eat. The habituation of these lively little desert mammals depends very much on the dedication of a full-time ‘Meerkat man’ who follows the family group daily and helps locate them for visitors. Guests are driven to the den area in the early morning, just before the meerkats have left their burrows. As the sun rises, they cautiously peep out of little holes in a humble sandy mound, and, deeming it safe to come out, scuttle to the highest points to scout for predators and food. Sometimes these lookouts happen to be the shoulders and heads of guests! Eventually the whole colony, babies included, are joyfully chirping and tussling away while guests sit or crouch among them. It’s a truly unique and intimate experience with one of the most sociable and resourceful desert-adapted creatures on earth.

Jack's Camp in Botswana

The activity takes place at Jacks Camp, a luxury, expedition-like tented camp in a private concession in the Makgadikgadi run by Uncharted Africa, owned by Natural Selection Safaris.

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