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Zebra crossings stalled by crocodile attack

19 Aug 2015 by Governors' Camp

Hi Carel,

Another good evening yesterday at the main crossing in that there was a potentially good crossing of zebra at 5:00 p.m going from east to west, but it was stalled due to a crocodile attack on a mare and her foal.

She fought the crocodile off although suffered a broken leg. She crawled to the east bank into some rocks, A leopard who was in the croton thickets seized the opportunity and killed the zebra mare and started to eat. A few minutes later, three crocodile tried to size the zebra carcass from the leopard. 

A good evening of photography and action. The movement of zebra at the moment are suffering heavy mortality rates due to the amount of crocodiles.

Photos courtesy of Jo Plisnier.


Zebra herds crossing the Mara River - Image by Jo Plisnier
Zebra attacked by crocodile - Image by Jo Plisnier
Zebra crossing the Mara River - Image by Jo Plisnier
Zebra killed by leopard - Image by Jo Plisnier
Crocodiles try to seize the zebra carcass - Image by Jo Plisnier
Leopard and crocodile stand-off - Image by Jo Plisnier