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Zebra and wildebeest have gone back to the conservancies

23 Dec 2015 by Asilia Africa

The Mara has been experiencing good rains for the last six weeks which has lead to swelling of the rivers and luggas, the grass is lush and green with herbivores having an early Christmas.

There are a few topi's still dropping their babies which is abit late since they normally do it in October and November. There are also buffalo's roaming in hundreds and looking fit. The zebra and wildebeest have gone back to the conservancies (east and northern part of the reserve) which is also the maternity/calving zone for the wildebeests (between late Jan-March).


Topi with it's calf in the Masai Mara
Topi with it's calf in the Masai Mara - Image by Onesmus Irungu