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Thousands of wildebeest in their lines moving south

20 Oct 2014 by Lemala Camps

Hi Carel. There has been no river crossing activity for the past 4 days now so we suspect it mostly over. I went out early this morning and did see an incredible sight of thousands of wildebeest in their lines moving south into the Kitchwa Temba area which, if they keep that line will bring them into the Lobo area. I have taken some video footage which I have dropped into Veronicas drop box and she can pass that on for you. I have also attached a photo. The picture can never match the reality but it does give a taste of the splendor. Unless something happens like they turn around and come back I am afraid that there will not be much more we can offer you from up here. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this and I look forward to renewing the relationship next season, better equipped and organized to help with Herd Tracker Kind regards' Mark

Wildebeest migration heading towards the Kichwa Tembo area - Image by Mark Stroud