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Five Reasons why you Should Visit the Manyeleti Game Reserve

08 June 2017
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Situated on the South West part of the famous Kruger Park, Manyeleti is a unique safari destination off the beaten path. Officially opened in 1967, the park offers you magnificent wildlife experiences. The following are the top five reasons to visit this game reserve African park. Play your South African safari to experience this incredible destination. 

Great wildlife Safari

If you love safaris, Manyeleti is the prime 'Big Five' territory, where you can have the opportunity to spot these magnificent animals without interruption. You can also see other amazing animals in the vast park, like lions, zebras, leopards, wild dogs, buffalos, rhinos, elephants and more on a regular basis. For example, rhinos and elephants can be spotted often to sit in the muddy pans. Specials in this park include the serval and the side-striped jackal, which can not be seen often elsewhere, and the cheetahs. There are also over 300 bird species present in the area, so you can get the chance to see some colourful and peculiar birds in the sky.

Fantastic Wildlife Photography Opportunities


Respect. It is her kingdom and she is not very friendly. #animalkimgdom #manyeletigamereserve #elephantwithfaultyear

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You can take a photographic safari with a guide, in order to have the chance to take some great close up of the wild animals in the area. The guides can show you the basics of wildlife photography. They will then give advice and training in the field to help you capture the most amazing shot. Many of these photographic safaris will include some processing tips and tools in order to spot the Big Five.

Scenic and Peaceful Landscape

The landscape of Manyeleti park is magnificent; not only allows you to have some great views around you, but also attracts special animals like blue wildebeests and cheetahs. Moreover, you can get the chance during the daylight to explore the main routes of the reserve. By taking a ride along the park, you can see the half build entrance.

Take your own drive in the Park

While in this Manyeleti Game Reserve, keep in mind that you are not allowed to drive by yourself. So, it's better to hire a guide, in order to move along easily in this area and see the most important spots.

Offers Privacy & various relaxing activities


What a pic! Newlyweds M + C are living it up on safari in South Africa at the moment, loving life!

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The Mnisi tribe claimed this land, as they have been around the area for many generations. There are three lodges in the reserve, who are owned by this tribe when you can spend your nights.

Manyeleti (place of the stars) definitely offers you except the most amazing wildlife safari tours. But it also offer you great stargazing moments in clear night skies, accompanied by the sounds of the wild animals in the reserve.

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