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Eastern herds heading north towards Bologonja and Kogatende

05 Jun 2015 by andBeyond

Hi Carel

Thank you very much for your email.

There is a big herd in Bologonja open areas and the herd is slowly moving north towards Bolongonja ranger post. My guides reckon there are approximately half a million to about 700,000 wildebeest and around 100,000 zebras. We still have some herds around Grumeti circuit and they are also moving into the Bolongoja open areas. We also have approximately 2000 to about three thousand Zebras in our concession.

We had very light showers over the past few days. The area is very green and the grass is very tall so there is plenty of grass for the animals.

Kind regards,
&Beyond Klein's Camp

Eastern herds are heading north - Image by &Beyond; Klein's Camp
Migration in Bologonja - Image by &Beyond; Klein's Camp
Big herd in Bologonja - Image by &Beyond; Klein's Camp
Wildebeest in Bologonja - Image by &Beyond; Klein's Camp