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Ndutu is the place to be at right now!

21 Apr 2015 by Ndutu Safari Lodge

Good Morning Carel,

My apologies for the delay in updates - too busy out there enjoying the wildebeest!  Ndutu area is looking like it should be - green and lush and vast areas of wildebeest and zebra. 

The plains out from Naabi to Gol to Lemuta, widespread coverage, as are the Triangle plains, Makao plains and Caracal Plateau areas. We have also had several days of the lodge being surrounded, and have seen a couple of good crossings of both Lakes Ndutu and Masek.

There appears to be late birthings too with many very small young calves. The cats are all full bellied and guests have been enjoying some really exciting cheetah action with the different families of subadults practicing their hunting skills.

Photo from Hamisi, sent in from his phone yesterday.


Wildebeest migration in Ndutu - Image by Hamisi, Ndutu Safari Lodge