Migration update - HerdTracker June 22

22 Jun 2015

Migration update - 22 June 2015

The permanent and seasonal rivers throughout the Mara Serengeti ecosystem are all very high after some good rain throughout the Mau escarpment, Loliondo and Kleins areas has ensured that the Mara, Grumeti and Sand Rivers are all in flood.

The migration is also well and truly split up into a few groups with probably 700 000 to a million up on the Serengeti Masai Mara Reserve border at the Sand River.Then we have a few hundred thousand all the way on the southern Serengeti plains around Naabi Hill and the Simba Kopjes.

There are good numbers behind Moru Kopjes and these are heading towards Mbalageti. There are still some herds around Namiri Plains and Turner's Spring towards the east of Seronera. Get ready for some Sand River, Mara River and possibly Grumeti River crossings.  

Carel Verhoef,

Wildebeest migration river crossings - Image by Lemala Camps (2014)
Wildebeest and zebra crossing the Mara River - Image by Lemala Camps (2014)