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Herds scattered all over the southern plains from Ndutu to Moru

20 Apr 2015 by Ranger Safaris

Morning Carel,

I am on my way to Simba Lodge Ikoma, so I had the chance to drive through the herds today, I bumped into big herds at Lakes Ndutu and Masek with the Ndutu Triangle packed with scattered herds throughout the plains towards Naabi and Simba Kopjes, some more towards Moru and I can imagine to Kusini Plains.

We also have reports of herds towards Gol Kopjes towards the east. Lots of water and new grass so not much movement on a daily basis, I think this is as close to wildebeest heaven as one can get.

Keep well,

Big herds at Lakes Ndutu and Masek - Image by Ephata Lotashu