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Good cow and calves herds here in Kakessio

11 Feb 2015 by Alex Walker's Serian

Hi Carel,

We still have a good cow and calves herd here in Kakessio. However, the real concentration is up around the border of Maswa, Serengeti, and the NCA.

Several hundred thousand in numbers are spread out east to west in a broad band around 15kms west / southwest of Ndutu. Its dry right now, there have been local storms a little further west of us. Some light showers close by, the forecast shows storms early next week as the moon wanes.  

No great images, we have a very cool bit of video footage from one of our guides Baraka Nuru. A zebra mare defending her new born calf from a stallion intent on doing it harm. Its raw and unedited, so a little rough. The outcome however was positive and the foal walked away. Resilient, despite the stallion’s aggressive attention! 

The wild dogs are active and spotted some at Osinoni alongside the Kakessio river this morning. I haven’t been out myself, will get some new images up when I next get out.