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Where is the great migration in July?

10 July 2018
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The migration has been a little erratic this year, due to the above-average rainfall during the wet season, and predicting where the herds will be is not an exact science. 

Having said that, early July sees a lot of herds in the Grumeti Reserve, with the balance in the western region of the Serengeti.

July is normally the time when the rut starts so you can expect the herds to be very noisy as the males become vocal to attract females. During the rutting season, the males try and set up territories, but this is always temporary as they keep moving. Some say the noise the males make during the rut is where the wildebeest get their English name from, the Gnu.

The herds are also heading towards the Mara River and can arrive any time from late July to mid-August.

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