Five reasons why you should go to a elephant safari in Botswana

30 November 2016
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Why not go, and book yourself an elephant back safari that will allow you to experience African travel from a whole new perspective? Our elephant Botswana safari is something that each and every travel enthusiast should undertake at least once in their lives. However, it is an eye-opening and wonderful experience.

Abu Elephant Experience - Okavango Delta

Pioneered in the early 1990’s, and named after a much-mourned bull elephant. Abu Camp has been running for over 20 years - offering Africa’s premier elephant interaction experience.

During your stay, you’re invited to become a member of the elephant herd, by exploring the African bush. However, you will get to know the personalities of each family member - from playful youngers to precocious teenagers and doting adults - all led by the wise and experienced matriarch.

Meeting the Abu herd offers you the chance to engage and interact with the elephants through varied activities, such as - walking with the Abu herd elephants, Physically interacting with the herd, Observing or even participating in activities such as mud bathing, training and veterinary care.

Elephant-back Safari Tour - Okavango Delta

Enjoy magnificent views from the top of a majestic Elephant during your premier elephant-back safari in the Okavango Delta. The highlight of your trip will be interacting with the Elephants, learning more about their behaviour and having a wonderful game viewing experience where you will be surrounded by antelope such as Wildebeest and Lechwe.

Elephants Sands - where elephants Rule

Elephant Sands is a bush lodge and campsite in the north-eastern part of Botswana. Enjoy viewing the elephants at their natural waterhole right in front of the lodge. Watch these impressive creatures whilst they drink at only a couple of meters away from you - Explore this unique experience.

Explore Chobe National Park - Must visit destination

Explore the Massive elephant population in Africa estimated to be 120,000 - the highest elephant concentration in Africa and the largest continuous surviving elephant population on Earth.In the riverfront lodge and top quality game drives. Enjoy this unique experience.

Watch elephants Frolic in the Okavango Delta

Each year, elephants and a range of other wildlife such as buffalo and zebras - journey across the Kalahari to the Okavango Delta in search of a much-need life sustaining resources of water. Known to travel up to 100 kilometres - elephants make the arduous trek across dry land to quench their demanding thirst. If you’re a lover of nature, having a chance a chance to witness these magnificent migration should be enough motivation to visit this must-see travel destination.

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